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SHS: Nathaniel Version 3.1 Released

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Nathaniel Aplin-Fletcher is a former officer of the Flaming Fist in Baldur's Gate, and was a witness to the devastation that the PC’s half-brother Sarevok wrought in the city. As a result of those events, he left the guards’ employment with several friends and has been travelling since. Though he is a skilled fighter, Nathaniel suffers from bouts of self-doubt, perhaps partially due to his lack of robustness.


For some players he can become a loyal companion, relying on him or her in times of crisis and in turn offering his support. For the right male character, a friendship can develop into something more.


Version 3.1 of Nathaniel includes the following changes and fixes:

  • Small interjection bug fixed
  • Haer'Dalis interjection fixed
  • Flirt bug fixed
  • Fixed a problem with the lovetalks that occurred if Bodhi did not kidnap Nathaniel
  • Updated to WeiDU-197



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