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Gavin's website!


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The website should be up and working. At least it is on this computer.


Please let me know if anybody has any trouble with it.


Please note that the NPC Guide and the download link *do* work, but the version is still a raw alpha, which I am still running through myself for the first time. I have no idea how many bugs are lying in wait for the unsuspecting.


Mostly, I'm using the website as an external storage facility, since my computer has been behaving sub-optimally, lately.


As always, feed back in both flavors is appreciated.



And the link:



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Thanks for pointing that out! Always has to be one typo!


No problems about the pdf, that won't hurt anything, but I'm not taking responsibility for breaking anyone's game with an untested alpha!


That site will be offline for about 3 seconds while I correct and upload the corrected page.

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Last page of the NPC guide, I presume?


That's a common one for me. I'm forever switching D and K. I'm a 10-fingered typist, but not a careful one, and spellchecking isn't useful when both are actual words.


Anyway, I'm probably going to fix that one in the Word document, but not necessarily print to pdf right away. There are likely more hiding somewhere, and I hate printing pdf files. I'll do that before next alpha, though.

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The site is awesome! Your explanations are in depth and cover about everything, I think. Thanks for all your hard work and for all your hard work to come! I will try to get in a BG1 game with him because he sounds so good. For certain I want him for BG2 and TOB. I really can hardly wait for those! : )

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If I had BG1 installed, I would totally playtest - unfortunately this isn't the case, so the best I can do is offer congratulations and my appreciation. Gavin Mor seems absolutely fantastic, and I can't wait to play him :)


Will get around to doing a new portrait at... some point. Just busy at the moment!

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Oh, no. I'm such a terrible typist.


The funny thing is that I actually *can* spell. I just can't type.


And I noticed that my attempts to get around font visibility issues by making the NPC guide a pdf were also unsuccessful. Checking it from my work computer made me realize that the the big border along the top of the page actually shows up as an enormous ef!


Typos aplenty.


And I just realized a workaround for a persistant scripting bug. In other words, public alpha is a little closer.


Anyway, I'm seriously hoping that no one is actually downloading the mod itself yet! Testing is going fine, but it isn't done yet!

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As long as you don't intend to try to play it in its current form :hm:


He's talking to much, right now. He's giving a PC who meets his romance requirements both the friendship only talks *and* the lovetalks, which means he never shuts up. But I've figured out what I was doing wrong: I had set the friendship only variable to kick in if there was no romance detected, but I put the check for it ahead of the romance match check, so it was always returning true. I'll get around this by checking for friendship compatibility after 1 minute: time enough to run through the romance match check first.


There's also a script block that's causing a stutter that is fixed locally, but not uploaded.


I'm going to upload the proofread docs and webpage now. Everybody needs a proofreader! :)

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