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Some NPC behaviors I don't get / suggestions

Guest Irenicus

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Guest Irenicus

Firstly I would like to show big thanks to Cirerrek, for writing fabulous scripts and releasing them in public.


I have installed gminion, pnp celestials, bp detectable spells, and escripts and they're all up-to-date.


1) I had Nalia assigned emage, memorized polymorph self spell. I travelled to the Keep and when she encountered a troll, she polymorphed herself into a spider!

Eventually, due to the 'rushing into battle' nature and low HP of spiders, she was killed very soon. So sad.


2) Jaheira, using edruid, was wearing fortress shield, full plate mail, etc thus had good AC, -7. She was armed with sling of everard as missile weapon and staff mace +2 as melee.

Somehow, when the heat of battle is tuned up, she would turn herself into a bear for some reason, which gives her bad AC as +2. Yes, her HP goes up from 85 to 94, but that HP bonus is just not good enough in exchange for the spells, bad AC, staff mace +2, and the sling of Everard. Anyway, eventually, she died in her bear form. A tragic tale. So I had to erase her innate ability of shapeshifting using Shadowkeeper.


3) In the middle of the battle the PC (with epuref) would cast "draw upon holy might". Yes I know it's a good spell, but the casting time takes forever and when he finishes casting the battle is usually over, or he would get interrupted and lose the spell anyway. Plus I don't get it that he wouldn't cast it when pressed button "B". So I think the spell should be cast when pressed B, and not to be casted when some monsters are hacking away at him.


4) With NPCs selected 'missle weapons' by pressing 'f', I think it'd be nice if they change to their missile weapons once the battle is over, and even in the battle, when not too close to enemies.

This makes me feel that there's no reasons to assign any character to 'melee', because it's the same that the NPC would rush to melee when he's in close quarter whatever the preference is. You just give no missile weapon to the melee character, set him to 'missile weapons', he acts as if set 'melee', so there's no point in distinguishing two preference types. Or this is just a bug perhaps?


5) When a mage has nothing left to cast & assigned to 'missile weapons', I think the mage's correct behaviour would be to run away from close quarter battle, instead of charging with his bare fists (or a melee weapon).


6) minsc+efighter, when an animal attacks him, he tries to charm the animal. The problem is, the charmed animal and the party would attack each other anyway, so no point in charming it in the first place.


7) Spells like stoneskin should be cast when it's available & the caster is currently not under its effect.


Please forgive my flawed english, as english is my second language and the last time I spoke it was something like 10 years ago :)

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