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contingency & chain contingency bug

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not sure if this was said before, but having taken a quick glance at the Pending Fixes, it looks like this isn't reported yet.


Anyway, when you bind the spells Contingency / Chain Contingency to a Hot Key (through BGConfig), the game engine lets you cast the spells even if you have not memorized them. Whats even worse, it lets you cast them even if you haven't written the spell into your spellbook AND your mage's level is not high enough to cast them :)

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There's another bug that I wanted to mention that involves binding the Quick Load to a hot key, the Blur spell, Draw Upon Holy Might and the Spacebar (PAUSE) which would restore your damaged PC's health to full health, but I guess that's probably hard-coded too

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I'm not sure, maybe it is possible to replace the existing contingency (bound to key) with "empty" spell and create a new contigency, which will not be listed in keymap.ini?

Conceivably, but this would likely cause all sorts of compatibility issues.

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That full healing business sounds really odd - really have to see it. I doubt there's anything we can do, but...


I didn't go into detail regarding the other bug as it is not easy to reproduce (but it DOES exist). It's even hard to say what is the real culprit. I *think* either the Blur and/or DUHM spells have to do something with it.


When I get a hold of this bug again (and I'm sure I will), I'll try to detail the steps involved.

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errr.. for some reason, I keep getting this error:


Sorry, an error occurred. If you are unsure on how to use a feature, or don't know why you got this error message, try looking through the help files for more information.


The error returned was:


Anti-spambot measures have blocked your post. If you are a legitimate user, please contact the adminstrator at webmaster@gibberlings3.net. This event has been logged.

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Could be a word of phrase you've used that's banned on the site, but normally you get told what it is. Try emailing the webmaster (Cam) with a synopsis of what you were trying to write and he should be able to sort things out.

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It started today; I got this on a couple of my posts (only when using the fast reply, though).


I am not happy. Blame Cam.

Fast reply was broken for a bit yesterday (as was Quick Edit) when I first updated the spam filter, but should be working now. If you're getting the error every time it's a bug on the skin I need to fix; if it's sporadic then you're trying to use a banned word.

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