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Banters, Quests and Interjections - Installation problem

Guest eambellar

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Guest eambellar

Hello everyone.


I have Tutu v4 for my Polish versions of BG1 & 2. I have a problem with Banters, Quests and Interjections part of the mod, here's what I get:



First I thought my heavily modded BG2 might cause this but it didn't help when I got rid of every single BG2 mod I had.


Please help me!

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ok, hmmm...


You definitely should have _IKE.DLG in your install. It could be that something was missed in the conversion process, in which case the answer is to uninstall Tutu and try again after checking your full install of BG1 and TOTSC for all files. There is a small standalone script that you can run to tell you if something is missing, posted in one of the threads at PPG. I will go see if I can find it and link it.


Just to be sure, you may want to check to make sure that you did a custom install of BG1, and checked off everything, then a full TOTSC install too :)


The full thread is at




the specific program and instructions on how to use it are at



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