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Meet Gavin


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Gavin Mor is a neutral good kitted cleric of Lathander. He will join your party outside the Song of the Morning Temple in Beregost. He starts out with fairly standard cleric gear, a family momento, and a dislike of bandits. Gavin will want to know if your party is a force of goodness. Don't lie to Gavin. It isn't nice.


He was born in Ulgoth's Beard, and is 28. For the last 9 years, he has been serving the Song of the Morning Temple in Beregost. Although he has done a fair amount of travelling on temple business, and has been toughened by a life of hard work and devotion, he never really thought of himself as an adventurer. Everything changes sooner or later, though. He has been through a bit of a rough spot, lately, and thinks he would do well in the company of like-minded individuals, going out into the world and doing some good.


Gavin is not the most ambitious man on Faerun. Nor is he necessarily the bravest. He wishes he were, but he suffers from a good imagination.


Gavin has 2-5 banters with every BioWare NPC. At this writing, there is cross-mod content for the Baldur's Gate NPC Project, but there is no cross-mod content for any other Tutu mod.


Gavin will be failry talkative throughout your journey, with a friendship track consisting of 16 friendship-only talks for a good or neutral protagonist and a romance track of 30 talks. Gavin makes dozens of interjections, and there may be a couple super-sneaky banters along the way.


He has definite ideas about right and wrong. He will not stay with a party whose reputation drops below 4. Please note that this differs from most good NPCs, who leave at 1 or 2.


He participates in 2 existing quests and has one quest of his own.


Gavin has a custom soundset, but does not have other voicing at this time.


Gavin will be romanceable by any good-aligned female of any race, but he is rather choosy. He will not romance assassins, bounty hunters, or necromancers of any alignment. Reputation matters. A reputation of 11 or better is required to start, 15 or better to continue. He is looking for something rather special, and some qualities attract him more than others. He likes his women to be mature, so certain dialog options are going to annoy him. Gavin admires a strong leader, so a charisma of 12 or better and a wisdom of 10 or better are required. He will not tolerate outright cruelty.

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Sure. If you wanted to change classes, you could just use ShadowKeeper, and then initiate dialogue with him. There's an option in the non-friendship PID that says something to the effect of "Can we be friends?" That will start the friendship.

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