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That's OK. Had to do it anyway, and there may be people who could benefit from the patch.


Fun thing about it, though, is that it can be installed anywhere in the installation order (after Gavin, of course) without messing anything up or forcing anything to be reinstalled. In other words, should you decide to try it, it will wait.


Have fun!

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Guest Tiggsie
@Tiggsie: damages due to reinstallation seem to be limited. I didn't see an awful lot of scrambled strings, so you should be all right.


Thanks to all for the diligent reporting.


No problem! I didn't have any more trouble, until I entered Baldur's Gate city, when my computer started rebooting on its own. I know that's not a problem with Gavin, because I had it before, but it's sort of a turn-off to play when your computer reboots for no apparent reason after ten minutes of playing, so I'm afraid my relationship with Gavin is over. 'Twas a beautiful thing as long as it lasted...

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What a bummer! But you're right, that isn't likely to be mod-related. Is your fan all right? The only time I've had a problem like that, machine was overheating because my fan was fried.


A pity, too, because I'd managed to come up with a patch that would have helped the whole quest thing.

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Guest Tiggsie
What a bummer! But you're right, that isn't likely to be mod-related. Is your fan all right? The only time I've had a problem like that, machine was overheating because my fan was fried.


The fan is fine. The computer only reboots when I play BG, and only after I entered BG city. I had the same problem last time I played BG - game ran fine until I came to the big city, and then the computer would restart, sometimes immediately after I started the game, sometimes after ten minutes or so. I always get the weird bugs...

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Guest Tiggsie
That's a new one on me. Is this in vanilla BG as well, or just Tutu? If it's just Tutu, maybe you should shoot a message over at PPG to see if there's anything that can be done about it.


It only happened with TuTu, but it's been ages since I played BG sans TuTu, so it might just be that BG doesn't agree with this computer. I did some quick googling and found a couple of posts about roughly the same thing, but they had the computer reboot in or around Beregost and not TuTu installed. No one had any good idea on how to solve it either. I can't say I'm too keen on playing vanilla BG all the way from the start to BG city to see if it's a problem with TuTu or not. The horror of being in the inventory without pausing and no tab-highlight...


I'm gonna stop hi-jacking this thread though, since this issue definitely isn't Gavin's fault. :p Might turn to PPG as you suggested.

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I appreciate your desire to avoid cluttering the thread, but I'd really like to help enjoy your game, and I can't send you a PM because you aren't registered.


Is it possible it could be hardware related? I spent about half an hour last night cursing at my computer last night because I kept suffering unrecoverable crashes when I tried to start IWD2. Everything would lock up and my only recourse was a hard reboot. Turns out my CD drive needed a cleaning. Now it's fine. It's winter, static electricity is everywhere, provided you live in the northern hemisphere, and this would be a good time for dust to stick to the optics.


I suggest this because the computer needs to access the playdisk a fair amount in Baldur's Gate.


No less logical than anything else.

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Very small bug...hardly worth mentioning...


Twice when I attempted to flirt with Gavin a "NO VALID REPLIES OR LINKS" option was listed in the flirt box. This also happened when Gavin attempted to flirt with me once. He approached me looking like he wanted to say something and "NO VALID REPLIES OR LINKS."


It didn't seem to hurt anything, I just hit the "no valid replies or links" (also shown where continue button would be) and proceeded to flirt with him (and he with me) as normal.


I am now in the committed stage of the relationship, so whatever caused this problem didn't seem to hurt anything.

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Darn. I wish you'd made note of the specifics. That usually means something is wrong with the code, but not in a show-stopping way. Usually, it's forgetting to put an IF ~~ THEN EXIT before then end of a state, so I'll go through the PIDs and flirts, and look for that.

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I think there was something illogical when I first met Gavin. I asked him to tell me about the temlple, and when I later said I would like him to join me, he said something like "you have returned". Don't know if this is wrong or not :p

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I don't know if that one is a bug. If you talked to him, went away, and came back later before asking him to join, Gavin always says that he hopes your business was favorably concluded. But I will certainly have a look at it to see if it makes sense.


If you're playing this beta, there's a rather significant bug in Gavin's quest, corrected by a hotfix available in a pinned thread. It would have been nice to have released a completely bug-free beta 1, but I don't know if that's really possible. This particular one is fixed completely for the next version, but I'm hoping to have some more romance conflict material ready for that, so I haven't made beta 2 available yet.

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Just following up on Bardess's post, because I'm not sure if she's reporting a broken dialogue or if this is normal behavior. This is Gavin's greeting:


APPEND ~B!Gavin~
IF ~NumTimesTalkedTo(0)~ THEN BEGIN BGavinHello
SAY ~Lathander's blessings upon you! I am Dawnbringer Gavin. What brings you to the temple to<DAYNIGHT>?~
++ ~We are in need of the temple’s services.~ + BGavin001a
++ ~Just passing through.~ + BGavin001b
++ ~We could use a little divine intervention.~ + BGavin001c
++ ~We’re seeking knowledge.~ + BGavin001d
++ ~Temples and alehouses are the best places to catch up on gossip, and none of us are thirsty.~ + BGavin001d
++ ~Can you tell me about Lathander?~ + BGavin001e
IF ~PartyHasItem("X#COWIRO")~ THEN REPLY ~Can you do something with these roses?~ + BGavin001f
++ ~Stand aside.~ EXIT
IF ~Alignment(Player1,MASK_EVIL) Class(Player1,CLERIC_ALL) ~ THEN REPLY ~Move away now, we don't need to talk to you.~ EXIT


Choosing the "tell me about Lathander" option gives you:


IF ~~ THEN BEGIN BGavin001e 
SAY ~Lathander is the god of Dawn in the physical, symbolic, and spiritual sense. He is the god of spring and renewal, but also of creativity and self-improvement. His disciples venerate the dawn, but they also foster peace and harmony between the peoples of Faerun. The Morning Lord is often invoked to bless births and creative ventures. Evil and the undead are an abomination to to Lathander.~
++ ~Thanks for the information. Where does one go to get help from Lathander?~ + BGavin001a
++ ~So what do you do here?~ + BGavin001e1
++ ~Ho, hum. Thanks for the sermon. Come on, troops. Let’s leave sunshine boy to his evil-smiting.~ + BGavinGone


Choosing option 1 sends you here:

IF ~~ THEN BEGIN BGavin001a 
SAY ~I am a cleric myself. May I offer my services?~
++ ~We need some powerful magic. Can you help us?~ + BGavin001a1
++ ~Do you have scrolls or potions for sale?~ + BGavin001a2
++ ~No, thanks. You don’t look prosperous enough to be any good.~ + BGavin001a3
++ ~I would rather speak with your superior.~ + BGavin001a4


Of these choices, all but choice number 3 will result in Gavin giving information and ending the dialogue, which brings you to the dialogue block you found when you return to him. It makes sense because you have presumably left to do something else. Choosing option number three has the potential to lead to him joining directly.


Asking Gavin what he does at the temple leads to an offer to join the party.


Anything that includes the words "sunshine boy" is likely to make him leave for good.


Was this what you found, or did a dialogue block break?

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