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Consider yourself dubbed ;)


Ooh, dear, that means I'll have to proofread the friendship path too! I wouldn't mind having Gavin as a friend although he's much more fun to have as a lover (just adoooored LT20 aka "Getting it on, or not" ;)Lovesick.gif He's so sweet, and vulnerable, and cute, and kind. Okay, now I know it's impossible for me not to sound like a gushing schoolgirl when I comment on the modded romances... Blush.gif ).


By the way, I've found another one... Angel.gif, although I'm stumped, I can't find the dialog line in the "d" files I've looked in (flirts, romance, PIDs, ... I can't find it!). The dialog is initiated at rest, Gavin says: "Is it time to retire at last?", my PC choose to answer: "Yes. May I 'speak' with you in private?", and then Gavin's dialog lines read: "* Gavin manages to nodd off between asking the question and your answer, but wakes at the sound of your voice. * Mmmm, yes, love, but I hope you're content to do most of the talking." Then end of dialog. Maybe it's in the interjections?


I think maybe from now on, I'm gonig to have to jot these down as I go, or I'll find myself posting too often. I just didn't expect to stumble across these, but I guess you're bound to have a couple of typos in those thousands of thousands lines of coding. Yikes. I think I'd be insane by now, in your place, Berelinde! :D:D


Oh, and in the 3rd quest, the one regarding the disappearances in Beregost, in the B!GUSTAV.d file, there are two dialog lines that read "Is Lady Valera at home?" instead of Is Lady Valeria at home? Blush.gif

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Oh, Jeez! I didn't mean for you to actually go through and proofread! That kind of thing turns up in playing, and it's practically impossible to spot on a printed page. So my inclination would be to just play as normal.


If you're going to do that, at least wait for the next version, or you'll be fixing stuff I already got.


Didn't get the "nodd" one, though (that's in the PID folder, entitled PIDnight.d, if you're curious). (Edit: no, actually I must have, because searching for "nodd" comes up with nothing).


All things considered, it might be best to wait for the next version to resume proofreading, to see which have been fixed. But I do appreciate it!


The worst was when I was typing in a hurry, and accidentally clipped the cap lock key and didn't catch it. About half a line was in ALL CAPS without meaning it to be. That's what I get for not really reading what I'm typing.

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All things considered, it might be best to wait for the next version to resume proofreading, to see which have been fixed. But I do appreciate it!


Good enough for me! :D I'll just set myself up a nice little text file with the typos I come across! And don't worry, there's no way I could've proofread all those lines of texts directly in the "d" files, I was only kidding. All those lines of codes just give me a nightmare of migraine, I don't know how you modders can handle it! ;)

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