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Welcome to G3!


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And you're back on line! :rant:



Nope. He was just borrowing a friend's computer.


But thanks for all the well-wishes.


Got the mod all packaged and uploaded on the tolkienacrossthewater site and all, and keep hoping for bug reports, but so far, the only one is mine, and I can't replicate it, which is very disturbing, because it means that it's lying in wait.


Anyway, back to seeing if I can break Gavin's installation.

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Welcome, and congratulations!! As I already said, Gavin is the fastest completed NPC mod I ever saw in progress.


Great thing! ???


No kidding!! It felt like I heard about it being in the works, and next thing I know.. boom, he's out!


I was filled with happy at the news. Plus I've looked over the dialogue files.. and may I say... *swoon*


Can't wait till he's friendly with my BGT install. :(

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