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Male Voice Actor Needed!


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I need a voice actor for my ToB-only NPC Iylos - almost all of the content is done, and its only the last few major things left to go.


British or american is fine - normal to deep pitch.


Here're some sample lines, for those interested:


~This does not make me think any better of you, <CHARNAME> - but a good deed is a good deed. We have yet to see if you *mean* it.~


~Surely you have better things to do than stand around idly taking in the scenery, <CHARNAME>? The war will not wait for you- but I suppose the more blood shed the better, right? Pfah.~


~What part of 'leave me alone' don't you understand?!~


~Cease scuffing your boots on the floor and get a move on - the war will not wait, even for such as you.~


~Can't you do it yourself? (Sigh)~


~There is a way to stop Bhaal’s onslaught, Imoen. You don't need to be driven by it; you don't need to be party to the constant fight between moralities in your head. I can help you.~


~I’ve seen that those with ill-intent and power can corrupt the law to their own purpose, rather than following its true purpose – which is justice.~

= ~Sometimes even the law itself is flawed; but more often than not it is the interpretation of the law which can bend it to nefarious purposes. It depends on the interpreter. Law in and of itself is neutral, and attempts to bring a fair solution to any problem.~



Applications can be emailed to me at liam (dot) esler (@) gmail (dot) com



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