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Gavin Alpha testers: odd CRE


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Apparently, the subtle art of not allowing potions as armor or boots has eluded me. Gavin's CRE file has gone afoul (again). I've fixed it and have it available below. As long as you haven't met Gavin yet, you should be able to just dump this CRE file in your override and carry on as if I weren't an idiot.


If you *have* met Gavin, you will know that I am, in fact, an idiot, and will probalby already have made the necessary corrections. Fortunately, the oddness was not enough to cause a crash.


Anyway, here's a link to the good CRE. It should open a link to save a file. You could download it directly into your override or save it to another directory at your discretion.





The problem is not the CREs. Something is going wrong with installation.


I would be grateful for any suggestions anyone might have, because I've never seen anything like this before.

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Something is going wrong with the act of installation, because I look at the CREs in the mod folder, and they're fine. I look at them in the override, and they're messed up.


Example: Penny, a quest thief, is supposed to come with a shortsword and leather armor. In the mod folder, the downloaded one, she's fine. In the override, NI shows that she's got inventory all over the place.


Suggestions, please, because this is perplexing.


What could happen to make CRE files that are perfectly fine install that screwy?

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