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What would cause inventory shuffling during installation?


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The inventory of the CREs in the mod folder is fine. I look at it with NI, and everything looks good.


After installation, I look at the CRE, and the inventory looks like a bad science experiment gone horribly wrong. What would cause this? More importantly, how do I fix it?


This did not happen with earlier alphas, nor have I done anything different with the cre's. Why would they get so mangled?


The tp2 code is easy enough:


//Creature copying and naming

COPY ~Gavin/CRE/B!GAVIN.CRE~ ~override~

SAY NAME1 ~Gavin~

SAY NAME2 ~Gavin~

WRITE_ASCII 0x248 ~B!GAVIN~ #8 // override

WRITE_ASCII 0x2cc ~B!GAVIN~ #8 // dialogue

SAY INITIAL_MEETING ~Lathander's blessings upon you!~ [bGAV_00]

SAY MORALE ~Um, regroup?~ [bGAV_01]

SAY HAPPY ~The gods will smile on our actions. We are surely on the right path.~ [bGAV_02]

SAY UNHAPPY_ANNOYED ~We must do better.~ [bGAV_03]

SAY UNHAPPY_SERIOUS ~We cannot go on like this! I cannot condone our actions.~ [bGAV_04]

SAY UNHAPPY_BREAKING ~This must end. I can no longer be party to such deeds.~ [bGAV_05]

SAY LEADER ~Remember, you asked for this.~ [bGAV_06]

SAY TIRED ~I need to rest. I'm no good to anyone like this.~ [bGAV_07]

SAY BORED ~If we're going to stand around and look at the scenery, I'm going to get out my sketchbook.~ [bGAV_08]

SAY BATTLE_CRY1 ~In Lathander's name!~ [bGAV_09]

SAY BATTLE_CRY2 ~By all that is good, I will crush you!~ [bGAV_10]

SAY BATTLE_CRY3 ~To battle!~ [bGAV_11]

SAY BATTLE_CRY4 ~Fall before the might of Lathander!~ [bGAV_12]

SAY DAMAGE ~Hey, I felt that!~ [bGAV_13]

SAY DYING ~It's as good a time as any.~ [bGAV_14]

SAY HURT ~This healer needs some help, here!~ [bGAV_15]

SAY AREA_FOREST ~All this fresh air really makes me feel alive.~ [bGAV_16]

SAY AREA_CITY ~So many opportunities to help, but so many people who need it.~ [bGAV_17]

SAY AREA_DUNGEON ~There's nothing between me and the open sky but a lot of rock and dirt.~ [bGAV_18]

SAY AREA_DAY ~Daylight! Behold the majesty of Lathander!~ [bGAV_19]

SAY AREA_NIGHT ~At night, the world rests and is renewed.~ [bGAV_20]

SAY SELECT_COMMON1 ~Your wish?~ [bGAV_21]



SAY SELECT_COMMON4 ~How may I help you?~ [bGAV_24]

SAY SELECT_COMMON5 ~Your request?~ [bGAV_25]

SAY SELECT_COMMON6 ~What was it that you wanted?~ [bGAV_26]

SAY SELECT_ACTION1 ~As you wish.~ [bGAV_27]

SAY SELECT_ACTION2 ~I will do as you say.~ [bGAV_28]

SAY SELECT_ACTION3 ~At your command.~ [bGAV_29]

SAY SELECT_ACTION4 ~All right.~ [bGAV_30]


SAY SELECT_ACTION6 ~As you see fit.~ [bGAV_32]

SAY SELECT_ACTION7 ~Consider it done.~ [bGAV_33]

SAY SELECT_RARE1 ~As long as it doesn't involve spiders.~ [bGAV_34]

SAY SELECT_RARE2 ~Is this really necessary?~ [bGAV_35]

SAY CRITICAL_HIT ~One for Lathander!~ [bGAV_36]

SAY CRITICAL_MISS ~Damn my clumsiness!~ [bGAV_37]

SAY TARGET_IMMUNE ~This is getting us nowhere!~ [bGAV_38]

SAY INVENTORY_FULL ~Sorry, but there's no room for anything else.~ [bGAV_39]

SAY PICKED_POCKET ~Was that really necessary?~ [bGAV_40]

SAY HIDDEN_IN_SHADOWS ~I am hidden.~ [bGAV_41]

SAY SPELL_DISRUPTED ~Stop that! You've broken my concentration.~ [bGAV_42]

SAY SET_A_TRAP ~Let's hope this gets the right target, shall we?~ [bGAV_43]

SAY BIO ~When asked about his past, Gavin tells you that it was fairly unremarkable. He was born to a sailmaker and a midwife in Ulgoth's Beard and has wanted to be a priest of Lathander since he was a boy. After several years of service to the Song of the Morning Temple in Beregost, he finally felt the lure of adventure.~


All the quest cres are messed up, too. They've got equip lines, but that's about it:


COPY ~Gavin/Quest/QuestCRE/B!BERTRA.CRE~ ~override~



SAY NAME1 ~Bertram~

SAY NAME2 ~Bertram~

WRITE_ASCII 0x248 ~B!BERTRA~ #8 // override

WRITE_ASCII 0x2cc ~B!BERTRA~ #8 // dialogue

SAY INITIAL_MEETING ~[MALE THREAT 9] Fear my wrath for it is great indeed.~ [_GENMT09]

SAY BATTLE_CRY1 ~[MALE THREAT 9] Fear my wrath for it is great indeed.~ [_GENMT09]

SAY BATTLE_CRY2 ~[MALE THREAT 9] Fear my wrath for it is great indeed.~ [_GENMT09]

SAY BATTLE_CRY3 ~[MALE THREAT 9] Fear my wrath for it is great indeed.~ [_GENMT09]

SAY BATTLE_CRY4 ~[MALE THREAT 9] Fear my wrath for it is great indeed.~ [_GENMT09]

SAY BATTLE_CRY5 ~[MALE THREAT 9] Fear my wrath for it is great indeed.~ [_GENMT09]



SAY SELECT_COMMON1 ~[MALE THREAT 9] Fear my wrath for it is great indeed.~ [_GENMT09]

SAY DIALOG_DEFAULT ~[MALE THREAT 9] Fear my wrath for it is great indeed.~ [_GENMT09]

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Now that I think about it, I noticed some minor issues with your Gavin RAR. None of them should cause that kind of corruption, but now that I think about it, one of them could theoretically. But I'm probably wrong, and it's probably something else unique to your installation, so I'll just PM you about it.

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Thanks for the PM. The issues in the pm don't mangle an installation, though, since they were there in the previous version, too, and that installed just fine. And I think it is unique to my installation, because it wasn't reported during someone else's playthrough, and the cres are the same.


Anybody else notice anything funny?

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Just a followup on the previous post:


Inventory shuffling appears to be random, is assumed to be confined to my installation (as no one else has reported a problem, and you'd think they would have), and does not assign the same items to the same slots if the mod is reinstalled.


I've got a lot of mods installed, but nothing that I can think of that would cause this.


I guess I'll try tonight on a bare install and see what happens.

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Did you check his .cre in Near Infinity? Last time I had some troubles with a drow priestess .cre, there were various 0's, 1's and 2's in her inventory, instead of good old -1's.


("-1" signifies that there should be no item in this particular slot, and any other number signifies an item from this NPC's list of items).


But then again, I never do .cre patching, save for the name and the soundset.

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Using NI to check the CRE in the downloaded mod folder, all the -1s are in the right spots, as well as the integers that aren't -1. Looking at the installed file is a mess.


No idea what's going on between the two. Halfway through a bare install.

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In your last report of this problem, you attribute it to "attempting to reinstall a mod too early in the installation cycle." I'm not sure what that means specifically, but it does sound like some sort of multi-mod corruption is the likeliest culprit. I scanned your TP2 and didn't find anything too unusual, but then I'm not a master of WeiFu either. I did notice you have a #8 after a lot of your patching - what is that supposed to do?

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No, there's something wrong with the cre.


Time to yank the download link again, fix the CREs, and come up with a patch for anyone who has this already installed. For anyone who hasn't actually got a game on, it will just be a matter of copying the CREs to the override.


Anyway, I'm on it.

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Anyway, I'm on it.
Kool. Not sure what the problem was, but I did notice a "Creature will be reordered (harmless inconsistency)" when I loaded it in DLTCEP. Unfortunately, it never gives you more information on this kind of message and as it suggests, it's probably harmless.
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All I've been able to find is that about half the inventory slots have <invalid> and crash when you try to edit them.


I'm going to start over with a fresh CRE, equip nothing, and then equip in DLTCEP. Or maybe I'll just create a CRE with DLTCEP, if I can.

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I'm going to start over with a fresh CRE, equip nothing, and then equip in DLTCEP. Or maybe I'll just create a CRE with DLTCEP, if I can.
It's easier than NI, for ITM and CRE modding anyway. But there's nothing wrong with the CRE's inventory when I load it in either (it has -1 or 'empty' in all the slots it should). So I would suggest checking it out on an unmodded install before going through all that. You'll probably just keep hitting the same issues with a recreated CRE on your (quite possibly) botched Tutu. :rant:


Edit: And while you're at it, you might want to run the NI checkers under the Tools menu on your current Tutu. If you see any of your own resources in the reports, it's definitely something suspicious (and if you don't, maybe it'll clue you in as to what is causing the problems). DLTCEP has similar checkers.

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For a cre that you have created yourself is there really a need for item patching? You could just add the items manually and they will be included automatically must by copying the cre alone.


Patching would only really be needed if you were adding something to an existing ingame npc that might also be used by someone else.

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That's what I was trying to do: package him with the equipment he needed and not worry about anything else. Unfortunately, somewhere along the way, the CRE got corrupted. Gavin's mod has been downloaded over 200 times, each with a corrupted CRE. I've got a fix for the CRE that will install just like any other mod. I am just now putting it up on the website, so that people who have already downloaded the mod do not need to do so again.


This will only work if Gavin is not already in the party. If he is, you undoubtably know about his inventory problems already, and have rectified the situation. Like I said, it wasn't causing a CTD, but inventory assignments were all messed up.

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Unfortunately, somewhere along the way, the CRE got corrupted.
Are you sure this corruption is in your mod and not somewhere else in your installation? Like I said above, I checked the CRE (though I loaded it, I didn't install it) and apart from the 'harmless inconsistency' which shows up fairly often on CREs, it was fine, including the inventory. I'm talking about Gavin btw (though I don't think there was a problem with the other CREs either). Also, did you try running the NI checks on the install where you noticed this corruption?
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Well, that's reassuring. It's aways possible it got corrupted during downloading. If so, it wouldn't be the first time I've had a mod go sour during downloading. I didn't have any item-altering mods installed at the time, so it's unlikely that was the culprit.


In any case, I know I've got some clean CRE's now, because I've tested them multiple times on a clean installation.


In a couple hours, I'm going to have the final alpha ready, with corrected CREs, optimized sounds, and complete with every line of dialogue that will be included in the final mod, barring bug fixes and player dialogue suggestions.


Like I said: it's possible that the only corrupted version was the one I downloaded myself. Wouldn't be the first time.


I've still got a bare install to test the last alpha. Once that is done, I'll add mods one by one and see if anything corrupts the CRE.


Thanks again for that portrait. It might just be my new favorite, even including the one I did myself. Or maybe I'll still prefer long-haired Gavin. I don't know.

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