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Mod collections?


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I've started creating a package of kits, items, quests ect. for each race. That will end up with one package containing Elven ONLY items, kits, quests, ect., and one for humans, dwarves, halflings, ect.

(Half-Elves will be allowed to use some elven and some human items, kits, ect.)


The general idea is as much to make it more, much more convenient for players to get all the mods enhancing gameplay for their favoured race. And to try reduce the number of mods needing to be installed..

It will also make it alot easier, I believe, for modders to find out if a certain kit has been made and to make sure we do not waste time on doing the same thing twice.

The different packages should ONLY contain mods regarding a single race.. That is no kits for both humans and elves, no quests for both Humans and Halflings..


The draw-back will be, that all the kit slots will be filled quickly.. A character, or something, will therefore likely be created both in Irenicus' Dungeon and in the starting area of ToB asking what kit you'll be, if that is neccacary..


This will be a lenghty process, if it ever was to be realised, and I therefore ask before hand if people are interested in this or anything similar.. Is it a good idea or should I only drop it on such a large scale, focusing on what I think should be in there my self?


If you think it's a good idea, it sould ideally be cooperation between all the modding communities, to try make it as universally aplicaple as possible..

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The draw-back will be, that all the kit slots will be filled quickly.
But kit slots are race-specific. So you could have 9 visible only to gnomes, 9 more to humans and so on.


My only request would be for Tutu-compatibility. Not hard to do for kit mods, since it uses the same engine as BG2. A little harder for item and quest mods since you have to take balance and locations into consideration, but possible. :rant:

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