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New Worldmap


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I've been playing with making a new worldmap.wmp and I've managed to get a working wmp and mos that displays both in NI and DLTCEP.


However the game will not start a new game using this map (i've renamed and reset the mos name in Dltcep to match the original worldmap, easier to test this way). The new game load screen stops halfway and I get a Not Responding from the game after a few seconds.


Switching back to the original worldmap it works fine.


Anybody got any ideas what might be wrong?


Edit: I think it might be the mos file. When I make a new mos in DLTCEP it works and displays fine but if I exit and reopen DLTCEP it says it cannot read the file.

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I managed to figure out what was wrong by trawling the DLTCEP forums. I needed to uncheck "Check File sizes" in the Edit Settings. Apparently if you don't do this DLTCEP will create a large mos but give an error if you try to re-open the very same file you just created. Odd but at least it has a work around.


Same with NI but I used the bat patch in Bp-BGT worldmap to start NI and that gets around the problem there.


I have a working wmp for WTP!


Now I just need to understand the all the relations between the wmp and any other files it references.


Anyone has any input on this it would be appreciated.

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