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Taking a page from Domi's book, here is a table that shows how Gavin interacts with the other NPCs. Please remember that conflict can be more entertaining than untroubled friendship. Also, Gavin does not get in a fight with anyone, so if you're looking for bloodshed, you're out of luck.


F=unmistakable friendship

L=they like each other well enough

D=dislike on some level

H=active hatred

I=indifference, conflicting feelings or ambivalence

N=feelings are neutral



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You can find a summary of each NPCs interactions with Gavin in BG2 here, but I'll copy it in this post so you don't have to wade through links.

Party recommendations are always tough. All NPCs have a lot of content. Viconia probably has the least, with only 3 banters, but the rest all have between 4 and 9+. Anomen (obviously), Edwin, Korgan, and Jaheira probably interject into Gavin's dialogue the most, but I've tried to make sure that no particular NPCs are slighted.


Aerie: Their relationship is rather difficult. He likes her well enough, and feels sympathy for her, but he sometimes finds her a bit too manipulative. They have a fair amount of conflict dialogue, but when Aerie isn't harping on her lost wings, their banters are friendly and kind of cute.


Anomen: I love Anomen, I really do, but Gavin won't. Anomen is a bit of an elitist, and Gavin is as common as mud and has a collection of vices, to boot. They have a few companionable banters, but their relationship is pretty strained.


Cernd: They've got a lot in common, and it's all bad. Gavin sees in Cernd things he doesn't like about himself, so their relationship is not good. This is Gavin's fault. Cernd is wiser than Gavin and is capable of overlooking flaws and avoiding arguments, but Gavin has a hard time accepting Cernd for what he is.


Edwin: It's about what you'd expect. Their banter is funnier if they knew each other in BG1.


Haer'Dalis: Gavin doesn't like Haer'Dalis courting Aerie, but apart from that, they get along well enough. Haer'Dalis is entertaining, and Gavin is easily amused.


Imoen: They got along well in BG1 and they get along well in BG2. He won't like leaving Imoen behind. Just so you know.


Jaheira: Their relationship is difficult, to say the least. Like with Cernd, they have a lot in common, and it irritates both of them. This doesn't mean that they don't like each other, though, it's just that they both have a hard time respecting the other.


Jan: They have some funny banters (or at least I hope they are). Gavin is amused by Jan, and there are very few people that Jan doesn't like. He'll needle Gavin as much as he needles everyone else, but that's just how Jan is, and Gavin is pretty amused by it anyway, so no harm done.


Keldorn: They're both grown men who serve the cause of right. They get along fine. OK, there are times when Keldorn finds Gavin's vices to be a bit of a turn-off, and Gavin doesn't approve of Keldorn's racism, but for the most part, they play nice.


Korgan: Korgan is foul, loud-mouthed, crude, and has no concept of propriety. Gavin has no problem with that. There are times when Gavin might object to Korgan's brutality, but for the most part, they get along fine.


Mazzy: Gavin likes her and she likes him well enough. They have a friendly relationship, for the most part.


Minsc: They're both down-to-earth men who like to have a good time. If they had met as children, they probably would have been inseparable friends and they probably would have gotten themselves into a good deal of trouble. As adults, their banters are jovial and entertaining, but don't go looking for deep meaningful dialogues because there aren't any.


Nalia: She reminds him of Skie, so that predisposes him to like her in a vaguely paternal way, despite his initial comments about her immaturity. They would both like to change the world, but Gavin understands that problems can't be solved by throwing money at them. So once their initial awkwardness is past, they'll get along just fine.


Valygar: They don't really have much to say to each other. They get along alright, but Valygar isn't the kind of person to get too close to anyone. Gavin is concerned about Valygar's lack of a patron deity, though.


Viconia: He hates her and she has no use for him. They don't talk much.


Yoshimo: Gavin hasn't got a problem with thieves, and Yoshimo is an engaging fellow. They get along fine. Yes, I know, Gavin doesn't like bounty hunters, but Gavin can't see Yoshimo's character sheet, and Yoshimo never mentions it himself. So for all Gavin knows, Yoshimo is a particularly well-traveled burglar. What a pity that Gavin has no head for sake...


If you've got a male PC, Gavin will have a short romantic arc with Imoen. It doesn't go anywhere in SoA, but they have a lot of banters, for whatever time they're in the party together. If you've got a female PC, this won't happen. If he isn't interested in the PC, he won't be interested in Imoen, either.

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