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Made an observation regarding the romance timers


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Some time ago, while alpha-testing, I had a strange occurance where a lovetalk hung, then 3 fired one right ofter the other.


Same thing just happened with Gavin, and I don't have any active NPC romances besides his.


This happened immediately after reinstalling the timer to a shorter setting.


Come to think of it, the time Ajantis did that, I had just reinstalled his timer, too. I wonder if it causes confusion with the script.


If this is the case, something that happened only once during many, many playthroughs of BG1 NPC Project and countless romance timer reinstallatoins.


Perhaps it can be filed under "bizarre and harmless flukes that coincide with timer manipulations."


Anyway, just as with the funky Ajantis timer resuming normal operation after that quirk, Gavin's has, too, so it probably is just a harmless fluke. I mention it as an observation, but don't expect anyone to stay up all night fiddling with timers to reproduce it.

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