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SOA to TOB default script switching for an npc


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I have both SOA & TOB installed. My mod npc has been along for the transition from Suldanesslar to the Talking Heads area in TOB. What puzzles me is *how* the game engine knows how to switch over the default script of the npc created in SOA to a new default script for TOB since I am not summoning him via the Pocket Plane.


Any clarification would be appreciated. Thank you.

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It's hard-coded. The engine does some fun stuff when the switch is made (granting XP to PCs that don't have 2.5M or so, upgrading familiars, switching scripts, etc.).


It's likely one of the 2DA files determines which scripts and dialogues to use (there's one 2DA that has a list of "25" assignments for all the PCs).

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Thank you all. That is most likely what is causing the problem of the correct 'default' script not being assigned when transition if made. The .cre has only a p25.d file and a pre-joining 25.d file for TOB at the moment which are referenced in the appropriate .2da files. This is a mod I've assisted the original author with who has disappeared from the modding scene for a while so naturally I'm solely working no it for my own enjoyment until she returns.

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