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message board style 'PnP' games


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If any of you play message board style PnP type games, how exactly do you go about it?


I got involved in one of these years ago that didn't require extensive knowledge of D&D mechanics (which was good, because a number of players in the game had no tabletop experience, only CRPG experience). For combat the DM did all of the dice rolls for everyone and posted the results (just the basic outcomes). At the start of the game players filled out a character record sheet for their character and submitted their PC's bio. We all purchased starting gear, and off we went. All that was required from there was to get in character and respond to the developments in the game. Nearly all of the interaction remained in-character. Out-of-character communication was so noted. We were fortunate to have a talented DM who kept the story moving and gave out XP and items at just about the right level. It was great fun, actually.


For any of you who have done this, is that how you go about it? Or do you use a more detailed approach with respect to the dice?


If you have ever run a campaign like this, how demanding did you find it to be to DM? Can you offer any advice for a DM running such a campaign?


Do you know of any freeware tools that might help for a game of this type? I know the d20 System Reference Document offers character record sheets and other essential resources. And there's this dice roller tool from WotC.

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Actually, we need a DM for such a Play by Post game, if anyone is interested.


I've got players rounded up, all keenly interested to try the PbP gaming format. But we all either lack the available time, or the DMing background with PbP gaming, to run this particular kind of campaign. The players are all excellent roleplayers, and knowledgable about D&D, but most have backgrounds predominantly in Neverwinter Nights persistent world roleplay-oriented gameplay.


This could be a very simple campaign, serving to introduce players to the PbP style of gaming. For reasons I'll explain we would prefer it be based in the Forgotten Realms' nation of Amn circa 1345. Please post here, respond on our forums, or contact us at exodusapps@gmail.com if you think you might be interested. Thanks!


Here's the link to our NWN2 persistent world project (still in development): http://www.aprgaming.com/advert.html


By doing this a pool of hundreds of dedicated and talented roleplayers becomes available to you. (We have a screening process wherein players submit an application.) Can't promise how many of them will get into PbP gaming. But there's always a stable percentage who will be interested.

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