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NPC 'like'-'dislike' Index Consequences


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I plan to have an index of like-dislike of the PC on each NPC for conversations with PC only. They will react on the event important to them personally as a part of scenery dialogues.


I think I want to divide NPCs into 4 categories in how they will react to offending them, if the Index gets too negative:


1) NPC will quit the party. Currently the only NPC I see doing it is Diriel. He is very capable of surviving in the wilderness and quite uncompromizing.


2) NPC will stop talking to PC all together. That's Nikosh, Prachi, Jaemal, Hildury


3) NPC will have a 'cool-down' period, so thier next dialogue will not trigger longer than per normal timer. Unless you prompt it from the Player-Initiated Dialogue menue. That's Peony, Rizdaer and Valeero.


4) NPC will remain impervious to your insults. I will probably borrow Berelinde's method and allow you to shut the dialogue sequence from PID if you really don't want them talking any more. That's Salomeya for sure, maybe Nord.

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