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Bits of monster in a jar?


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Elrillain (my female elven thief) is having a rather odd experience. A disembodied voice keeps saying

"You are collecting bits of that monster in one of your jars. Aren't you?"

A second spookily ethereal voice replies with one of several seemingly random answers. :rant:


Has anyone else had similar hallucinations? As a shrink I'd feed her small doses of a antipsychotic, but I have a feeling this won't work on her :) Can anyone offer a more suitable solution? This isn't really affecting the game at all, just causing very minor irritation when I try to read the old dialogue and comments.


Info on my game

I'm running (in order of installation):-

Easy Tutu; EasyTutuDegreenifier-v4; EasyTutuNPCKits-v2; Tutusounds-v4; LostItems_vR2 .... plus

Quests - BG1 Slime Quest v1.7; Grey Clan Episode I (version 1e-tutu)

NPCs - Mulgore/Xavia; Finch; Indira; Mur'Neth

Graphics mods - Improved BAMs; One Pixel Productions

Global Tweaks- BG2 Tweak Pack; Sword Coast Strategems


All of these are the most recent Easytutu version. I followed the directions on the compatability thread in your forums.


My party currently consists of Imoen, Eldoth, Finch, Kagain, Kivan

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As far as I can tell, that's a Tutu thing. It's bizarre, isn't it?


You'll be walking along, usually in specific areas, if that's any confort, and all of a sudden, you'll hear something strange.


I have no idea where that line comes from. I am reasonably confident that it is harmless, and will not affect gameplay.


In my game, I've got the strange yapping woman of Cloakwood that inhabits CW Mine Level 2, and sometimes Beregost near the Burning Wizard (but nowhere else in Beregost).


It's usually a CRE sound for someone/something in the area, but played at an inappropriate time. In CW Mine, level 2, it's the cook. I don't know who it is in your game.

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Sorry. I'm missing something.


Is that what the disembodied voice is saying, or is that commentary on my observation?


Nope - it's my own warped sense of humour. As the voices have been accusing me of putting a monster in a jar ever since I found this empty bottle, I've decided they ARE a monster in my bottle/jar, or at least a spirit in my bottle.

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As far as I can tell, that's a Tutu thing... It's usually a CRE sound for someone/something in the area, but played at an inappropriate time.
I couldn't find a .tlk entry for this in unmodded EasyTutu. That doesn't mean there isn't a sound file for it though. Has anyone reported this on the Tutu bugs board?
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I'm thinking it might be a mod sound from one of his other mods. I've never managed to play Mur'Neth through to the end, and that really sounds like something that would have been introduced by Mur'Neth.


I've had one of Finch's lines come up just standing around, and had the same thing happen recently with one of Gavin's rare sounds.


Anyway, the yapping woman of the Cloakwood Mines has been spotted before by people who weren't me, and no cause was ever found.


Filed under "just one of those things."

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Filed under "just one of those things."
Hmm. Still sounds like a bug to me. And I'm not sure I'd blame Mur'Neth if it's also happening in Finch, Gavin, regular resources, etc. Sure, it could be considered "mostly harmless" and largely ignored, particularly if you have the speakers down, but disturbing and indicative of possibly a larger sound/offset problem perhaps. The funny thing is the original post almost sounds like something intentional, except for your other run-ins with the issue don't really. Oh well. I guess I won't worry about it until if and when I run into it. :rant:
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