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pnp Cloak of Protection rule

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From the Dungeon Master's Handbook:


"This device [Cloak of Protection] can be combined with other items or worn with leather armor. It cannot function in conjunction with any sort of magical armor, normal armor not made of leather, or with a shield of any sort."


Plug the attached .2da into your override directory to implement the above rule - you'll no longer be able to use shields or wear chain mail, plate mail or full plate at the same time as a cloak of protection. Note, however, that due to engine limitations the same rule also applies to rings of protection, which isn't the case in pnp.


If you edit the .2da and remove the following lines, you'll be able to wear rings of protection and the above items at the same time, but you'll also be able to wear them with magical armor (which in pnp removes the ring's AC bonus, but doesn't in the Infinity Engine):


RING06 1

RING07 1

RING25 1

RING41 1


All the other usual dislaimers relating to non-WeiDU mods go here :).

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