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Rizdaer's Portrait possibility (if someone could do an edit?)


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He looks ill-tempered, but maybe that's his personality. :p It shouldn't be too hard to do what you want, if that's the look you're after.


Here's one I did a while back for one of my BG characters (it is smaller than what you need but maybe I can find larger originals):


Maybe yours is closer to the IWD style though.

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I am almost sure I've seen that portrait somewhere before, possibly even in a full length version. I think it might be a NWN portrait.


Anyway here's a few drow:




This site has a drow portrait pack down the page:





Not sure if the version you have is bigger/same:



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The problem I have is that it's never going to look good against a light background, because the shadows in the portrait are dark and it has lighting effects that scream "dim lighting."


If it were me, I would risk having a portrait that doesn't match the others in terms of background. Maybe a night-time forest?

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Guys, thank you for other suggestions, but I kindda like this one because it's the right size/resolution/quality and the right figure length.


Yes, I realize that the dark background is needed for the lower portion of the figure. But removing that collar already did wonders by eliminating the effect of a side-burn.


Can we integrate a rounded window behind him? There is one on the bard in IWD1/IWD2.


My only concern about the existing background is that hiw hair have to remain white then. If we darken it any the small version of the picture might just turn into a dark spot.....

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It isn't clear from your post, but should I keep working with the backgroundless portrait edit?


If I may offer a suggestion, let me go ahead and look for a shadowy forest setting for the portrait. You'd get the darkness needed for the lower half of the portrait, and if the sky were a murky grey, that would work with any hair color.


Personally, I'd leave his hair white. He says he dyed his hair and bleached his skin to pass among the surfacers, but he could have abandoned this practice when he struck out on his own, after leaving the dubious shelter of the village. And once in the company of <CHARNAME>, I doubt he would continue to dye his hair, since I don't imagine the people of Ten Towns care much what he looks like, as long as he kills goblins.


That, and the portrait is dead sexy.

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Sorry, Berelinde, I have not seen your post. There are a couple of funny banters that confirm that he keeps his masquerade going, but I don't see why he can't have a 'true' drow portrait.


Please, if you can find a good background, go ahead. The figure can be cropped at waist-height, that way it will match all other portraits :p

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I don't know if I can improve on the second one in your post. That grey/amber sky really works with the coloring in the portrait.


If that isn't clear enough, my preference is the one with the plainer background.


It might be possible to darken the hair on that one so it doesn't look quite so stark, but that's nothing but lilly-gilding, IMO.


I think the more complicated background in the first one detracts from the figure.

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Now, that you've said it, I am thinking that giving his hair the same sandy tint as the sunrise behind him could work. How does that look? Do you want me to send you a big bmp version for corrections?



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If you would, I would be grateful.


Now that you mention it, I do like the sandy hair look. I was thinking of trying that myself when I get home.


The important thing, though, is that even if this is the best that can be done, it still looks good!


I'm thinking that I might experiment with a transparent sandy glaze effect on the hair, and maybe intensify the ivory highlights on the skin to reflect the outdoor setting, just a bit?


Thank goodness he's wearing gloves. I hate trying to do hands!

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Now that you mention it, I do like the sandy hair look. I was thinking of trying that myself when I get home.
Dying your own hair that colour, you mean? :p


They all look good... I would suggest putting a horizon behind him, perhaps around elbow height. And then make the ground beneath that quite dark (sort of like in Domi's first edit). That way you don't have to worry about the shadows or the glow or the fuzz around his outline below that point.

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