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Where do the NPC quests start?

Guest Bobby I.

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Guest Bobby I.

First off, some much deserved praise. I, like a few others, played BG2 to death, after having played BG1 a grand total of once, to the point where I had completely forgot what had happened in the first game. Projects like this have really revived my interest in the first game.


On that note, I'm the kind of person who wants to hit every single optional quest in a game like this, and my playthroughs of BG2 usually involve grabbing each NPC long enough to resolve their sidequests and then kicking them to the curb. I'd like to do something similar with the new BG1 NPC quests, but, although a few of the quests have FAQs that mention where they begin, there isn't a good guide to where all the quests start.


If possible, it'd be great to get just a general guide to where and where each NPC quest starts, so I know how long I need to keep each party member around before tossing them out without missing anything. (If only they hadn't hardcoded the party limit and let you cheat it higher like NWN2, I wouldn't have this problem :p ) Thanks in advance.

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I think it is a great idea to have it in the readme, too.


For now I can offer you this:


- Coran - Firewine ruins.


- Dynaheir - the area with Drizzt, north of Nashkel and then west.


- Garrick - encounters at Nashkel Carnival and Ulcaster(never tested it, though).


- Jaheira - the first area of the Cloakwood Forest.


- Kagain - the area south of Friendly Arm Inn.


- Kivan - the Wyrm Crossing area(next to Baldur's Gate city), and the area west of the High Hedge.


- Xan: a mini-quest in an area north of Nashkel

(in next version there'll be a normal quest, starting in the basilisk area)


- Xzar - the area with the "wondrous oak", between Nashkel and Gnoll Stronghold.



(The readme mentions Ajantis' quest, but I played with him many times and never had one.)

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You folks got in there before I did - I was about to ask anyone who has played BG1 NPC lately if they would be willing to write up quick walk-throughs from a player perspective, so that we can flesh this part of the readme out :p


As of Beta2, Kagain's quest can be started before or after the encounter in the area south of the FAI. Garrick's quest is one of my regulars, and works great! Xzar also has an additional mini-mini quest that I have never seen in-game (but is coded).


One interaction which operates just like a quest because you have to time things carefully is the Female PC Romance Challenges. This one is more of a "search the forums if interested" one, though,; it has some cool stuff that I want to see someday (I just have to make a female PC and get into the roleplay, I guess :p).


If anyone is starting a game soon and wants to playtest a version with the new Xan quest, please PM me. I am tracking down some stuff to fix on Jaheira's Quest on BGT installs, but am almost ready for a Beta4 release; I will follow on this thread tomorrow night with a full set of quests from the ReadMe and requests for spoilerish Dudleyville or Dan Simpson FAQ-style walkthroughs for folks who are stuck or need to troubleshoot.

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Great idea for the quest walkthroughs, or pointers at least - the readme has some for the major quests but not all the minor ones. I suggest though perhaps burying the information in separate documents (as I think is the case already) with 'spoiler warnings' before the links. Possibly even have it in 'hint' format to begin with before diving into full walkthroughs. I'll reveal my age once again by referring to those old hint manuals where you had to use a special marker to reveal one hint at a time. A lot of which were bogus, such as...

Q: Where do I find the diseased gibberling egg Garrick wants to find so badly?

Hint 1: Have you tried asking any diseased gibberlings you've come across?

Hint 2: They don't talk too much, do they?

Hint 3: Gibberlings are said to nest in forests and caves and other dark places, have you tried looking there?

Hint 4: Beware - the gibberlings guard their nests very fiercely!

Hint 5: Gibberlings don't lay eggs (particularly not diseased ones) and Garrick isn't looking for an egg. Think twice next time before asking for solutions to frivolous questions. :p

Ok, maybe that goes a bit overboard and is more trouble than it's worth, but still... :p
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Well, there are a number of thinggies that are so small that it's diffiult to say if it's a quest or not. For example Edwin's expanded encounter with his superiors (when Dynaheir is in the party) or Xzar's encounter with his; Eldoth antiques in the FAI....

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Yep, you sent full documentation, Kulyok - I just have to set it up in a page like Kagain, Jaheira, et al. That is exactly the kind of thing I was thinking about.


Domi, I agree (as usual :p ) - I figured that the easy way to divide between "Quest" and "Easter Egg" was to let players respond. We would then know what folks are usually running into in their installs, and what is not usually encountered. I would love it if the original quest writers were able to give their own "walkthroughs", controlling what they consider mainstream and what they want as a hidden goodie for players, but I know that some are unavailable and the rest very busy. Suggestions/guidance?


Miloch, I share your interest in the hint manuals approach, but would have to ask someone else to tackle that task (as long as we don't have the old Starflight and X-COM copy protection codes, where you had to look up page 4, paragraph 3, and type in the word you found there to continue :p Talk about enforcing ReadMe reading...)

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I'd say that everything that requires PC to go to some other area to do something/pick something up - it's a quest; anything that you just encounter and stuff happenes will be an encounter/easter egg (requires no guide)

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He-he, based on the "It was not a simple ICT to code in?" criteria :p But then things like Jaheira objecting Faldorn's entry into the party or Centeol and Xan or Coran quitting because of the cook.... There are lots of cute extras, really, I think it's kindda neat to leave them hidden.... Unless you sort of add these to the Dudleyville's Walkthrough.

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