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Where do the NPC quests start?

Guest Bobby I.

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A Tutu/BG1 NPC version of Dudleyville? Holy Cow, what an idea!
I actually thought of making something like that, just as soon as I switched over from BG1/Dudleyville to Tutu/BG1NPC. I also planned on adding other quest content (perhaps colour-coded or otherwise distinguished). Though it would be a massive undertaking. But I am the type of person who has to make sure *absolutely nothing* is missed (translation: I've pinched everything that isn't nailed down, then come back for the other stuff, including the nails :p). It'd help to have permission from Dudley to use his stuff as a starting point but my impression is he's kind of hard to contact these days and not interested in folks modifying his content, so you'd have to write it all from scratch (and why reinvent the wheel). But hey, I might pick it up once I actually start playing again, and I'll also offer to host it if others are interested in contributing (and G3 doesn't want to host such a walkthrough). I did get this far in putting up the worldmap - it's a start, right?
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I love the map; it's colorful!


Hmm, if I was to nominate one thing that I wrote/coded knowing that most people would never see it is Edwin's conflic to Dynaheir's romance, the cutscene in the Blushing Mermaid.

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