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Comments on Loke's dark fanfic


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I think it's pretty rubbish to be honest. The basic idea though was 'What if Imoen rejected him and he took it too hard?'

I tried to make out that Imoen had been the driving force during BGI and BGII, and when he realised that she would never love him the way he felt he just sank into depression and gave into the taint.


Anyhoo. I can't believe I wrote such a morbid story. -_-'

Also, I'm already working on the other possibility, which is going to be more lighthearted.

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Not all stories have to have happy endings. Sometimes they dictate a bad ending, and I've done as much.


And it is certainly reasonable for the MainChar to feel that way about Imoen...after all, its not like Gorion told them they were siblings, so he could have harbored such feelings.


And some of the greatest stories are about unrequited love :)

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I liked this story. As you saw from mine, and as Bri stated, not all stories have a happy ending. Shakespeare is a classic example. A good first story. I'm looking forward to your next one.

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well - as promissed a review.


First, I have to say that for me a story that revolves around Imoen is rather less appealing than more appealing, not only because Ido not emphasise with the character but because she is a staple of BG fan-fiction, and is just always there.


On the other hand, I liked that the story had Kelsey and gave me a prespective I am unfamiliar with - namely Kelsey romancing Imoen, while the male character is jelouse because of Imoen (I would play a reverese situation, having always used a female character)


I also liked how the story was built with Kelsey's POV being sandwiched between the two PC's musings.


Kelsey's thoughts were presented in an orderly and thought trough fasion, very nice.


What, in my opinion only detracted from the story was that it had quite a build up for becoming a dark story (and even was announced as such), but ended using the "mad dog died" scheme. As it is written at present, while one can sense the warmth of the author towards the protagonist, an unfortunate (only imo again) tune of overly-loving poor misunderstood wretch creeps its way into the ending.


I expected the PC to kill Kelsey and Imoen from the build up of Kelsey's monologue. Or to kill Imoen... ie any sort of true darkness. The last phrase however, has a good, solid ring to it.

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