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Natural Regen


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Right, gonna lay my cards on the table-the more I'm seeing of this shapeshifter class as I go along fixing the 'bugs', the more I'm getting hacked off with the effin' thing.


So, I'm (going to try) gutting the shapeshifting abilities completely and rebuilding it from scratch.


Instead of shifting into the creature (or specifically, taking on the .cre's attributes) and tacking abilities on ad hoc, I'm rigging it so you only shift into the appearence of the creature-everything else, the innate stats, thaco and regeneration and whatnot are going to be item properties (such as Kiel's Buckler's +1 dexterity bonus while equipped) for the claws.


The idea behind this is, I'll 'neaten' things up a bit by having everything in one spot. The thing is, the greater werewolf has +3 regen per second. Okay, fair enough. Only snag is it also has 25 constitution, which gives it automatic regeneration. Can anyone give me an exact figure for the health it gives please? For all I know, adding +3 regen to the claws could be redundant.

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I believe 25 constitution regenerates 1hp every 10 seconds.

Thanks... I think I'll just add the 3 regen anyway on top of it then. An interesting thing I've discovered, is it you rig the polymorph opcode to make the character have the avatar of the greater werewolf, said avatar doesn't suffer from the 'stuffer bug' that the regen causes. It starts again if you add another opcode that maks it take 'stats only'.


Only snag now is the character doesn't lose the Greater Werewolf avatar when you us e the natural form skill now. Oh well, should be sorted if the avatar is connected to the item, 'while equipped'. :p


(Famous last words)


Edit: Yes, very famous. I ended up having to change it to the opcode 'animation change'. Still, on the bright side, everything seems to be sorted now. Just one more thing to doublecheck.


A greater werewolf (according to the .cre) has about 94 health, at level 8. Assuming a level 8 shapeshifter druid in natural form has 37 health, when they shapeshift to the greater form, they get a hp bonus that brings up their max hp to the same as the greater werewolf, right?


Also, I'm wondering about disabling the ability to initiate dialogue while chapechanged (Like, you know, the game says you're not supposed to be able to do?) and I'm like people's opinion on it. Part of me wants to but the more practical party doesn't see the damned point.





Edit again: Yay, I think I'm done. Only bits I'm unsure about are the dialog thing and the hp bonus. Mechanically speaking, I've gutted the system so that instead of polymorphing to the .cre, you're just autequipped with the claws, that make you look like a werewolf and have the stats of said monster. It appears to work perfectly well, and the 'stutterbug' for the animations doesn't appear to suffer for the Greater Werewolf this way either.


Anyone up for testing? :p

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