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Killed Drizzt.

Guest Flayer

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Basically i killed Drizzt, before i got a chance for the quest he gives Dynahier, by the time i realised it, it was too late, i had gone too far. But what i am wondering is if this is going to have any other effects on my game, there is supposed to be some sought of demon that winski summons, but he hasnt. I am almost certain i have gone far enough with the romance, i have turned down her promise of fealty. I could live without the fight, but if it means i cant get the final scene with her, i will be pissed and i'll, well... i'll be very angry. So do u know if i have cut my self out of that final scene?

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Well, don't worry - you can do another runthrough and get the Quest and extra encounter! I highly recommend a playthrough with Edwin, Minsc, and Dynaheir while romancing Dynaheir. I am setting up a big test run, and I think I will get them going (perhaps with Gavin as the Healer of Choice?)

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@cmorgan: Only if you don't want to have Branwen vie for your attention. I really like the way that conflict was handled.


If you're going to try Gavin, though, you might want to hold off a couple more days: I'm hoping to have him out in beta next week.


@Flayer: fortunately, I don't think any of the BG1 NPC romances require the quests to be successfully completed. Thank goodness.

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