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Tutu State of the Modding Union


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cmorgan edit - 01/28/2007 Split from original topic post for clarity. The following thread is for discussion and revision of Tutu compatability and order of install. The pinned topic post, describing the State of the Union for Tutu modding.



Jastey's Slime Mod at BWL is completely compatible with Tutu. Confirmed on multiple installs (albeit all on my computer).


You might want to point out that installing multi-romance components for BG2 Tweaks is not recommended on an installation that will include the BG1 NPC project.


Edit: Please note that Jastey has moved her Fun with Slime mod to rosenranken.de.

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I will put this on the list to research; it may be that something else is causing the troubles and we just *think* it is the Multi-Romance component causing it (causation vs correlation, anyone for a round of Research Trivia 101? :) ). Back posts seem to correlate problems with PIDs firing incorrectly/romance path problems with Multi-Romance, but there is not specific example to follow. Prettty imortant to know, though, because if we are helping folks with the wrong idea it is kind of like the early days of Microsoft Tech Support - "Problem? OK, Step one, reboot. Step two, reinstall the OS."

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Hello -


Some EasyTutu notes:


For hotfixes, please link this thread, as I plan to post any updates there. For the degreenifier and NPC kits, I'd prefer that you refer people to the Add-Ons section of the EasyTutu page, as then they can read the documentation. Plus, the filenames change if new versions are released. Also: no love for the spawn randomizer? :)


As for this:


Original BG1 Music (rename EasyTutu Music folder Music-BG2 and copy BG1 Music folder to EasyTutu directory)


EasyTutu has used BG1 music from day one. You'll only have to copy music folders around if you want to switch back to BG2 music.

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(Gorilym, if you send me the direct links, I will add thm into this post, along with any of the mods in the above list that have OSX compatable installs/installers!)


Minor changes to setup, with links: (only lines with changes are included below, so copying and replacing over the previous revision is a very bad idea)


EDIT: copied and replacd selectively :) into top post - cmorgan Oct22, 2006


I'll post more links for mods that have separate OS X packages later. :D


Of the list, the only mod that I know for a fact is not currently OS X-compatible is 1PP, but that will change soon. I have a working Mac version of TutuGUI, but I haven't yet received permission to distribute it.


Tiny correction: There is no need for a BG1 "patch link" under the MacEasyTutu entry - TotSC is required for MET, and that is already patched out-of-the-box.


It might be a good idea to assign a number or similar to each section - Program Files = 1/I/A, Tutu Conversion 2/II/B, EasyTutu Pre-Mod Fixes 3/III/C and so on. The list is getting so long (and it will only get longer :) ) that it could use some added structure.


EDIT: repaired top post per request - cmorgan

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Have some updates to my (already onerous) research...


Chosen of Mystra Forge/Adventure mods: Tutu-incompatible. Keeping tabs on my post there for any possibility of conversion.


The BG1 Adventure mod installed successfully in Tutu, but according to the ReadMe, there's supposed to be a new store at the Burning Wizard in Beregost. I started a new game after installing the mod and found no such store there.


The Forge mod returned an error upon attempted EasyTutu installation:

ERROR locating resource for 'COPY'

Resource [ar5403.are] not found in KEY file: [./chitin.key]

Stopping installation because of error.


I used Near Infinity to verify this key is present in BG1 but not Tutu. I believe ar5403 refers to Nashkel Mines level 3 in BG1 but I'm not sure how things are handled in Tutu (except for the fact they're obviously handled differently). Just thought I'd run this one for any possible insight from you "Tutu-heads" out there. :D


[Edit by Miloch 11/11/06 - Although these mods are not EasyTutu compatible, they are potentially Tutu-compatible. See suggested conversion/fix by g.linder (thanks for the lead MajorTomSawyer :) at CoM forum (see post link above). Further testing is required. It is also entirely possible that in the absence of author sponsorship, the PCU by Ascension64 may prove useful here.]


6. Item/store mods

> Lost Items [iEGMC]: Not currently compatible - causes serious dialog corruption. Verified installation and addition of a couple new weapons in Candlehold. Acts like a kit mod for monks (but only via the addition of a "monk tome"). Also acts like a minor NPC and portrait mod (tweaks Xan, Viconia, Imoen and Faldorn). Other components (bags of holding, "happy patch" etc.) superceded by BG2 Tweak Pack components. Archive missing a final ReadMe - drop my revision of the mod's notes into the archive before installing (or just ignore the readme error).

> *New entry* Realms of the Bhaalspawn Armor Store [IEGMC]: Presumably compatible. Installed fine and appears to add an armor store, probably an inn in central Baldur's Gate. Haven't taken a new game that far yet to investigate and when I tried to CLUA there it did funny things to me.


[Edit by Miloch 11/11/06 - Downgraded Lost Items to red due to serious glitches not initially apparent. Mod has good conversion potential otherwise - discussing possibilities via PCU (see link above).]


7. Quest mods

> Secret of Bone Hill [iEGMC/SHS] (aka SoBH): Possibly compatible. Installs successfully (except for some "typo" warnings); main quest content appears after completing Nashkel Mines, involves Temple area and new areas. Latest version 2.05 still has outstanding bugs and specifies Yacomo's Worldmap be installed afterwards. Although the latter claims Tutu-compatibility, it causes CTDs when starting or loading a game after installation. Worldmap also notes incompatibility with BG2 Tweak Pack (was mainly developed for BGT-BP). Open question out to forum on full compatibility.


[Edit by Miloch 11/11/06 - The experts at SHS are working to resolve the SoBH/Worldmap/Tutu compatibility question (see link above) - stay tuned.]


10. Graphical mods

> Baldur's Goth for Tutu v1 [iEGMC/SHS]: Compatible with the exception of Fabio, who is a SoBH NPC (see above). This is likely due to the as-yet partial compatibility of SoBH.

> Baldur's Goth II v3.1 [iEGMC/SHS]: Compatible. Previous partial-compatibility warning due to the fact there are two very similar files on the Wizard's Mirror: GTBGT_v3.1.rar and TuTu_BGoth.rar. Install the GTBGT_v3.1.rar if you want to use this mod for Tutu. The "TuTu" labeled version does the same things, but causes errors.


[Edit by Miloch 11/11/06 - Upgraded from yellow to green. Resolved and clarified information above after extensive testing and discussion with mod authors. :D Also deleted previous "personal comments" at their request! Baldur's Goth is good! Use it! Except they didn't include a damn goth half-orc portrait! (Hey wait, these are personal comments, heheheh... :))]


11. AI/scripting mods

> Yovaneth's Scripts [iEGMC/SHS]: Compatible as far as I can tell. Scripts install and are selectable in EasyTutu. Have not put them to rigorous combat testing; will raise any issues to the SHS forum.


[Edit by Miloch 11/11/06 - Downgraded from green to yellow. I've observed the scripts cause "hiccups" on slower machines, like a number of AI/scripting mods. Also, author Yovaneth himself has noticed "oddities" in PPG post. This one requires further testing or author verification.]


12. Kit/spell mods

> *New entry* Arcane/Divine Pack [IEGMC]: Compatible in initial smoke testing. Tweaks many mage and cleric spells. Appears to add a "spell restoration" scroll to your PC to correct spellbook entries you shouldn't have? If you plan on using something like Divine Remix, you might want to install this first or consider the conflicts/overwrites otherwise.


EDIT: following entry added to top post - cmorgan Oct 23 2006

> *New entry* Orc Scout Kit [IEGMC]: Compatible in initial smoke test (see my post below). Fairly straightforward - adds a kit selectable for half-orc fighters. No alignment restrictions and of questionable game balance but if you've got orcish blood like me, this could be your new favorite kit. Assuming you prefer sneaking around to raw barbarian bash power. Just keep in mind if you've already got 9 fighter kits installed the kit won't be visible to you as a PC.


[Edit by Miloch 11/11/06 - italics added to previous couple of entries for clarification.]

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Top post updated; thanks Gorilym!


Miloch, I am adding some of this info to the top post, as I think we want to do is put the list together/update the stuff that *is* compatable, rather than what isn't -- this is great work, and much appreciated. I am not moving your (detailed, usefull, and appreciated) commentary up for fear of getting too much info into the post. Folks who read the thread will get the benefit, and in a month or so we will have enough data to recreate this as a summary rather than as this data-gathering thread. At that point we can create a miniaturized version of the Tutuorials setup, and give folks all of this info in simplified form.


I am moving the Orc Scout Kit up, as you have played a game through with it. I am ok with an n=1 or 2 situation, as we will then know that it is probably successful, but we need to make sure that if we list it as compatible it is ok through a whole game :) If anyone else can comment, we can triangulate...


What about Arcane/Divine pack and Yovaneth's scripts? Let me know when you think we can move these into the "confirmed working all the way through" category, please!

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For the record, I didn't play through with an orc scout, I just installed it, created a character with the kit and checked the stats to make sure nothing was funky. From a compatibility standpoint (as opposed to playability) that was good enough for me, but you be the judge.


Baldur's Goth should be downgraded to "partially compatible" (yellow) - I don't know if that's going to change. For what it's worth, I've had an unanswered question out on their forum too.


I plan to play a game through with the other mods to the extent that's possible so if you want to wait until then, or until someone else comes up with more conclusive data, fair enough.

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