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Cromwell messup (windows)

Guest Mirane

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I go to vist cromwell and then I talk to him and i ask him if I got anything he can make into an item the dialouge screen goes blank and I can't do anything! What should I do?

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I'm not entirely convinced that this is (directly) an Amber related issue... I've got few reports of Cromwell's dialogue looping because of Amber's lines, which seems to be caused by Amber's lines being added, not once, but twice to the smith's dialogue. How does that happen, I have no idea, though. It certainly shoulnd't be happening and as far as I know for most users it doesn't. :p


Anyhow, a totally blank dialogue screen usually (in my experience) points to empty dialogue lines, instead of not having valid reply options available. If there was no valid options a text 'no valid replies or links' would show up in the box that normally says 'continue' or 'end dialogue'. You could try to press 1 when the blank dialogue screen appears, since pressing the corresponding number of the reply option is an alternate way to select them. Very useful when they are invisible. :p


That said, yes, it would be helpful if you copy-pasted the contents of the weidu.log file here. You can find it in your main BG2 folder and open it with notepad (or any text editor).


In addition, do you recall how your installation process went (not just Amber, but all mods that you have)? Unless a modder forgot to fill in his/her dialogue inside the tildes, it sounds like there are lines missing from your dialogue.tlk. Do you have the official ToB patch installed?

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