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Sorcerer creation in BG Tutu - Charisma or Intelligence?

Downs Duck

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I want to play as a sorcerer but stumbled upon something...weird.


I created firstly a Kensai.

I was able to modify this class' charisma down to 3, which I did.

Played with this character a little while, all good.


I then created a Sorcerer, and it says in the classtext in Tutu that the prime requisite is INTELLIGENCE (in NWN it is charisma that is the prime req.).


BUT: I was only able to modify this guys Charisma down to 9?


Both Kensai and Sorcerer are human characters.

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But why don't the Abilities adjustment allow me to adjust Charisma to lower than 9?


I lose 6 points I could allocated to more important things, say Wisdom.


Makes choosing Sorcerers a pain in the ass if one does not want to use ShadowKeeper. Should not be necessary.

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1) BG is not a stats optimization game, so you're basing yourself on false assumptions (that you need optimized stats if you're to enjoy the game).

2) Wis is not used in any way whatsoever by the game.

3) If you really want the perfect stats, enable cheats and use Ctrl+Shift+8 at the stats rolling screen (enabling in-game cheats). I bet you're adult enough to understand that this isn't really any less cheating than rolling dice for three hours until you're lucky enough.

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Because something has to be. If it makes you unhappy, you can try SK-ing a lower number, but you aren't going to roleplay a stupid, socially unacceptable PC, are you?


Stats exist for roleplaying reasons, in my mind, and there is no reason why you would survive with an 18/00 strength, and wouldn't if you had, say a 16.


If you plan to roleplay your PC as an absolute, semi-functional idiot, by all means, drop his intellignece to 3. But if you're just doing that to get 6 more points to turn that 12 dex into an 18, shame on you. That's cheating just as badly as if you did the CTRL-8 thing, or worse, because if you did the CTRL-8 thing, you'd at least admit you were.


Personally, the first step in any character creation is to hit CTRL-8. Then I use the minus button to set the stats where I want them. I could sit there and roll until I get the stats I want, but there's no point.


And stats aren't going to save you. No one ever got through the game by sole merit of having 18's across the board.


@the bigg: cool! I didn't know/forgot about that. I don't run non-human PCs too often.

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