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Announcement: Coming off hiatus


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Those of you who were around when I released the Oversight mod may remember that it came out within a few days after its forum was up, back at Forgotten Wars Projects (wow, that was a while ago). I've come to regret announcing this project earlier in the development process.


I haven't been able to do any work on this in half a year now, even trying different approaches. I hate to make this announcement, but I don't want to play with people's anticipation any more than I already have. I'm asking CamDawg to reclassify this forum and the mod as on hiatus. If and when I announce its reopening, the mod should be about ready to enter Beta.


I apologize to everyone who has been kept waiting way too long for this mod.

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I can't say I'm not grieved to see this. But at the end of the day, you have to do what you have to do. At least you have the decency to end the suspense.


Hey, who knows? Maybe once the pressure is off, things will click into place.


In any case, I wish you well in this and in all other endeavors.

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That's interesting. Looking forward to see how it is going to work in the game. (Too bad it's Bio NPC only. On the other hand, Kivan will probably close the door of the cabin in PC's face after gruffly saying something like "Don't bother me, city-dwellers, I can handle this on my own". Xan, on the other hand, would probably say: "What is the point? It's a doomed effort anyway.")

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There's something of a hang-up, so it may not come out in July, but it should be soon; the mod is complete, except that one part of it currently crashes the game.

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