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Bug: HP rolling


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Hi, I know about this bug long time but I've never been to check in which BG2 versions it appears.


Newly created character rolls his hit points accordingly to difficulty settings. However his first level roll is rolled twice (Tutu developers probably know) if he starts with more than 0 XP (always then). For those who don't understand me well: Newly created fighter with constitution of 10 (no bonus) on level 7 (89 000 XP) has 80 HP.


Before any attempts to fix it (as this fix can affect Tutu) I'd like you to test if it is really world-wide bug and if it appears in all BG2 releases.


BG2-ToB (26498) "The Collection" US release - bug is present.

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BG2-SoA (23037) "The Collection" US release - bug is NOT present

Edit: BG2-ToB (26461) "The Collection" US release - bug is NOT present


Can somebody with another version of SoA test it? So far it seems that this bug is included in ToB patch.

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I'm inclined to say that this really isn't fixable (and even more inclined to say that we won't fix it).
May I ask why?

- Fix is known (at least to me) and works just fine. When first level roll is divided it by two (fix) and then multiplied by two (bug), you get right roll.

- It is bug without any hesitation.

- It is being documented. It seems to be added in ToB 26498 patch. All I need is to ask users who have installed different language mutation of 26498 or had it incorporated into all-in-one compilation.

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Why? Fix is known (at least to me) and works just fine.

// divide first roll in hp___.2da by two


When roll is divided it by two (fix) and then multiplied by two (bug), you get right roll.

Fair enough. I suppose if it exists on all versions of ToB, it could be changed conditionally.


Are you sure it affects all character types? Does it happen when starting both SoA (running ToB) and ToB games? Is there any situation where the starting HP is correct? What happens when dual-classing?

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Fair enough. I suppose if it exists on all versions of ToB, it could be changed conditionally.

Are you sure it affects all character types? Does it happen when starting both SoA (running ToB) and ToB games? Is there any situation where the starting HP is correct?

Sorry for editing my last post.


Seems to be implemented in last ToB patch. I will check 26499 Beta behavior.


I am pretty sure it affects all classes (tested on Barb, Fi, Ran, Pal, Sorc, Monk, Thief, Wiz, Pr) and both SoA, ToB games.


Edit 1: 26499 contains bug as well.

Edit 2: Dual classing has no impact as you gain x-th level HP only once (tested, bug remains).

Edit 3: Multiclass tested and is affected as well. Fi/Ma ha on 6/6 level 7×2+7×5=49 HP.

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Well devSin, you were right a little. Multiclass do not appear to handle that division correctly. It is closer than unfixed version but still wrong.



I think F/C, F/M, M/T, C/T, F/D, C/R lacks 1 HP in "fixed" version (Unfixed game varies from +5 to +9 HP)

I expect F/M/T and F/M/C is wrong as well, but I am unable to sum it properly.


Who can tell me how many HP should have F/M/C on levels 5/5/6 and 1/1/1. Game seems to count these numbers randomly. (lowering starting XP to 1 and leveling make yet another results). Now I am stuck with 32, 33, 35 and 38 without any idea which one is correct.

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In the past, I've seen claims that this was an intentional feature, reflecting the Bhaalspawn heritage and specialness of the PC. Any good solid evidence that this is a bug and not intended?
Never heard of - who claims that?

This is not mentioned in ToB manual, errata or ToB readme. Even errata corrects L10 fighter to 9d10+3. Characters imported from BG1 do not get this bonus (well, importing character is little buggy as well). If I were about to change it I'd change 2da files instead of correcting exe. However there is no rock solid evidence of being bug.

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I'm checking the old Baldurdash forums for more info...


It will only happen if you have TOB installed.

If you create a multi class character (any) then press cancel/start over and create a new one

(multi or single class doesn't matter) the extra hp won't be added to your new character's hp.


I'm getting more HP when I import my multi-class from BG1. I'm not talking about 1 die either, I'm talking 50 extra hit points. What gives? I've tried the cancel/start over thing, but it seems not to work with importing. While some may view it as a welcome addition, I think it's a bug and is too much besides. How do I get rid of them, or, better still, not have them added on?
I've noticed this as well. Is it possible that you're importing on a normal difficulty game, so it's maximizing your HP rolls on import? It's the only thing I can think of.
Good thought, but they are pretty much maxed out already, heh, heh. Still, there is no way a 6/6/7 level character should have 113 HP. It just doesn't add up - best one can do is 10-11 per level. So I still don't get it. Why doesn't it just import the HP as is? It did before ToB was installed.


Changing difficulty had no effect on HP for imported characters.


I just remembered this one while looking through character files rolled and exported for future use. Will the bug that sometimes gives a character an extra die roll of hit points be addressed in a future version of Baldurdash? Despite being potentially beneficial, it's still a glitch.
If you are referring to the PC, then this is not a bug. In BGII your main character always gets one extra hit die upon creation, ranging from 4HP (Mages) to 12HP (Barb).


I don't recall seeing this in the manual & it's not part of PnP AD&D.

I believe it has something to do with being a Bhaalspawn. The children of gods tend to have a slight increase in their powers over an average joe adventurer.
What makes me think it's a bug is how not all characters get the extra hp. Case in point: I wanted to play a half-elf fighter/mage but couldn't decide between good and evil alignment so I rolled one of each. Despite both having 18 constitution, one got the extra die roll of hp while the other one didn't. Whether the extra hp is intentional or not, there's an inconsistency in there somewhere.
Hmm, I think I've had a similar problem once before, but after re-installing my game once it never came back.


Sorry I can't be of more help. If you find the problem/solution, be sure to let us know

If that's the case, then Imoen should have it too.


If it is a bug, it's in the engine (EXE) so I doubt a fixpack could take care of the problem. The 2DA files that control die rolls for hitpoints are generic and used for every party-joinable NPC at each level-up, so there's no way to isolate the PC.


For those that still have Baldurdash forum access, relevant threads are here and here. I'll see if I can stir up some more.

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Hmm, I wonder why I made that comment. It may have been based on an old Dragon (or whatever the D&D magazine is called) where they look at the Bhaalspawn saga and PC. I'll see if I can dig anything up for why I said what I said, later tonight.

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Hmm, I can't seem to find anything other than a comment that Bhaalspawn can be immune to magical aging effects, and some truly hideous pictures of Saverok, Jaheria, and Tamoko.


I also found some horribly inaccurate character bios, and some nice official comments on how all the Bhaalspawn conceived during the time of troubles, including Yagu'shura, Abazigal, and Sendai specifically by name. It then goes on to say that since they were all conceived in 1358 DR, that would make humans teens, but may cause problems for other races... Yeah, there's definitely loads of campy crap to be found in those old magazines.

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