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You always can ask people who have already done this conversion instead of *reinventing the wheel*.

Fred is writing adapting a program to port IWD1 automatically to a third edition game.

You ported manually IWD1 to an other second edition game (and let's not start again the piracy argument; after all, you're the same person who ships the BG2 crack along with your version of Baldurdash).


I fail to see how your help would be of any value.

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after all, you're the same person who ships the BG2 crack along with your version of Baldurdash


You may call it crack or whatever you wish. It is actually a very usefull patch, which helps people saving their CDs from scratches. If you don't like it, you are free to discard it, nobody forces you even to download it. Many of the gamers thanked me for providing this patch. You are this first who blamed me for this, and believe me I don't care what you are saying about it. I kindly offered my help to Fred, not to you. Converting animations from IWD/IWD2 to BG2 is the same problem I encountered before... Anyway, I quit here. Be happy.

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This seems to be the main issue for this mod.


You always can ask people who have already done this conversion instead of *reinventing the wheel*.

Yes, I would certainly avoid reinventing the wheel where I could, but sadly most of the wheel hasn't been invented. The conversion I'm speaking of is 2e to 3e rule set, so this means determining feats, skills, CR, attributes, etc automatically or by hand for each IWD1 CRE conversion. The only person I know who's come close to doing this is Wes Weimer in IWG2 which is in fact the starting point for IWD1Tutu.

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Howdy, all :)


First off, thanks to Fred for a really interesting engine conversion. I shudder to think how much work this took.


Now, a couple of notes:






1. Game works fine in Windows 7 with Compatibility set to XP mode.

2. Game crashes any time the party attempts to enter the house in Easthaven next to the lake and the dreaming man (where the drunkard is waiting inside for you to go Freud on him...or just steal him some booze)-the crash is a blackscreen freeze-up, with no crash to the desktop. My hunch would be that the files for this location are missing/corrupt/something else? But I'm no modder, so just an idea.

3. XP mods (modified mo'crate files do successfully mod this version. Insane mod mocrate raises xp successfully.

4. Heart of Fury mode doesn't seem to activate-on a run through with HoF enabled, the monsters do not get the insane level of hit points/AC. Thus cleaning out the beetles and orcs is far easier (except for the big guys down below).

5. Orcs in IWD2 engine get around 10-30 gold per drop, so money isn't too tight :)

6. Quest xp awards sadly VERY small compared to IWD1...the stupid water sprite gave me a total of 1200 for all of her dialogues with a bard. Hmmm...I wonder how much xp she is worth as a kill?

7. Ah, the joy of level one summon monster...assuming someone figures out how to implement hof mode, it still will be abusive :D

8. I'm guessing dialogue-skill checks are something that won't be implemented for a while...? :) Which means even less need for Charisma and Intelligence in PCs (all hail the stupid ugly horde of chaotic evil berserkers who actually saved our town instead of destroying it! :p


Overall, good gameplay so far-will post more later.



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Great feedback Raffin, thanks!


I need to get back into modding this stuff. I'm running Vista-64 so it will be interesting to see how all this works.


I pretty much left off work on this right after you enter the last tomb at the end of the Vale (Cresselack?). Things will get impossible when you get there.

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