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That said, Ambertalk is 60, but romanceactive is still 1. Is something wrong, or does that seem right?(I ask because she definitely exhibited RomanceActive=2 behavior, but didn't say anything the next day, and the flirt options haven't changed(not sure if they were supposed to))


Rest again until you get the morning after talk.

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What I noticed was that even repeated resting on the spot wouldn't trigger her talk until I did something such as completing a quest where you get xp per party member or a change in reputation.


Sometimes simply continually reloading a game and waiting a minute can trigger things.


TBH, of all the NPCs I got installed, Amber's talk is the one that triggers most randomly (as in this behavior or others I mentioned in the other topic)

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I admit that Amber's scripts are much 'heavier' than most NPCs scripts, which unfortunately can lead to the slightly random behaviour. This is directly due the new things we've tried to implement, such as the player2 romance and the looping romance music. Plus the fact that it is the first mod we've ever coded and thus essentially a learning process.


Hopefully as many as possible of these annoying little bugs can be polished away eventually. That's why any feedback is very welcome. However I'm sorry if I seem to react a little slowly to them these days, I really try to put the Corthala romantique mod together. ;)

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