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Viconia seems to be standing by a spawn point


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I just installed the mod for the very first time to check out the 'Move NPCs to more convenient locations' component.


I went to the Viconia map, wandered around for a bit and then came across her stood next to 7-8 Hobgoblins. I then had the odd situation of a non-hostile FF dude and the Hobgoblins all chasing after me, but ignoring each other.


I reloaded my game several times to see if this would happen each time, and while it didn't, it still happened often enough that you may wish to address it. I can't imagine that this hasn't been reported before, so I apologise if that's the case.


Quite where else you could move her to, I don't know. I thought that somewhere along the road would be good, but you already have 3 encounters there, from top to bottom, so I don't think it would fit right if it were on the road.


Edit: I've just encountered a similar situation with Shar-Teel, where a group of Gibberlings are completely ignoring her (and vice-versa), and are even having to run around her to get to me. It looks a little odd.


I hope it doesn't sound like I'm bitching about your mod. Tell me, do the relocated NPCs in BG1 NPC Project have this spawn point issue?


Further Edit: Tried the BG1 NPC Project and found that Eldoth seems to have made some sort of deal with the Diseased Gibberlings so that they will ignore him.


Is this just a problem with my game, or have others experienced these things?

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