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Wondering about the new starting location for Tiax


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It's better to move him than lose what few voiced lines we have. Though I don't see why Tiax can't say the line he says in-doors just as successfully as in the outdoors when the party spooks him. (Shrugs).

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OK, someone post the location coordinates for the new placement, and I'll drop it in. I would prefer that we stick with just one potential location if possible - i really would prefer not to have 3 alternate locations starting a small mudslide of additions ;)

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Well, I still think my idea is sound:


'What about if he was instead stood on the ground floor of Feldepost's Inn, so that he witnessess your (probable) fight with Marl. This way, his opening dialogue 'one such as yourself' would make more sense, plus an inn might be a good place to meet people to help in his crazy adventure.'


But outside is also okay. I've contributed very little to this community, so I think you should probably go with someone else's suggestion.


Edit: Don't know any coordinates. Sorry.

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Somebody/anybody give me a landmark and I'll get you coordinates. Do you want him by the monument? Do you want him at the bottom of the stairs at Feldposts? You tell me where you want him, and I'll get the x's and y's.

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One of the handier features of DLTCEP - just fire up an area (use the map/list in my sig to look it up if you don't know the #), go to the Actors tab and "Set position" will bring up the actual map and give you the coordinates anywhere on it.

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Unless vetoed (Domi?) the internal I am working on now moves Tiax to


FW3351 at 500,630


/* Tiax Starts in Beregost */
BEGIN @1086  /* Tiax Starts in Beregost. */
 SUBCOMPONENT @1084 /* The BG1 NPC Project: Tiax's Starting Location. */
 GROUP @1065 /* The BG1 NPC Project: Tweaks */
 REQUIRE_PREDICATE (FILE_EXISTS_IN_GAME ~_sw1h01.itm~) @1095 /* Incompatible with BGT: please use the equivalent component in SwordCoastStrategems for BGT */
 REQUIRE_FILE ~override/X#BG1NPCCore.G3~ @1004 /* BG1 NPC Required Changes component is not installed. */
COPY ~BG1NPC/Core/X#component.xx~ ~override/X#TiaxMove.G3~

COPY_EXISTING ~baldur.gam~ ~override~
 READ_LONG 0x30 non_joined_npcs_off
 READ_LONG 0x34 non_joined_npcs_count
 FOR (i = 0; i < non_joined_npcs_count; i+=1) BEGIN
SET cre_offset = non_joined_npcs_off + i * 0x160
READ_ASCII 0xc + cre_offset ~CREName~
  WRITE_ASCII cre_offset + 0x18 ~FW3351~ #8
  WRITE_SHORT cre_offset + 0x20 500
  WRITE_SHORT cre_offset + 0x22 630
PRINT @1087  /* Remember to start a new game for Tiax to start in Beregost on the first floor of Feldepost's Inn. */

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