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Wondering about the new starting location for Tiax


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It was suggested that he be placed at the bottom of the stairs at the FAI.


FW3351 is the ground floor of the FAI, and, as coordinates are in the form xxx,yyy, with 0,0 being the top left corner of the area and 999,999 being the absolute bottom right, I'm guessing that those coordinates would be about midscreen: at the bottom of the stairs.

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well, dudes and dudettes, I am afraid this is untested and blindly coded (but I trust Miloch's placement)... and not yet up on the internal site (still ding some testing). I just know it installs, so unless someone vetos, it should be up tonight on the alpha site (Bursk, PM me and I will send you the link).


Installing every single one of the internals for the next several tries will involve uninstalling the current version, deleting the folder and tp2, and installing the new one, then starting a new game. Too many changes to stuff like how .tra gets processed, what gets EXTENDed, and a whole slew of code cleanup to take advantage of variable usage, plus some of the last movements of global variables to the project X# designation (or P# for some of Domi's stuff).

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Yeah, I was referring mainly to this:

PRINT @1087  /* Remember to start a new game for Tiax to start in Beregost on the first floor of Feldepost's Inn. */

If someone didn't have a previous version of BG1 NPC, and installed this component (for whatever reason) with a saved game on Coast Way, would they still have to start a new game just for Tiax to show up in Feldepost's?
Does anyone have a screenshot of where exactly FW3351 at 500,630 is?
That's here:


It was one of the least cluttered spots on the map, and looked like a likely place for a stunted thieving git like Tiax to be lurking.


Edit: Oh, and I don't know if there's a "facing direction" in your code but he should probably be facing east or southeast.

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Default seems to be south for all NPCs - not sure why.*


According to the IESDP, I think you can add this before the area placement:

WRITE_LONG cre_offset + 0x14 13 //Orientation (East-SE)

Although I don't know why it's a long value - looks more like a byte would suffice, but whatever.


Edit: * Probably so you can see their faces instead of their arses. Though for a gnome, that might not make much of a difference. :)

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That looks right, but do I need to add bytes or set them farther off? I can't seem to tell from the original code if I can simpley overwrite the current vale, or if I have to do the delete/insert routine (which i am not competent enough yet to actualy do).

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I think you would just add that line after the PATCH_IF. But I dunno... that kind of patching code looks like Sanskrit to me. Where's Nythrun when you need her? :) I suppose one could always *gulp* test it, just by dropping that snippet in a TP2, starting a new game and consoling to FW3352.


Just wondering why this wouldn't be compatible with BGT if you substituted area names, underscores, etc.?

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Just wondering why this wouldn't be compatible with BGT if you substituted area names, underscores, etc.?


BGT uses a completely diferent way of dealing with .cres from BG1. Each of the BG1 NPCs is spawned from BCS instead of being a part of the original baldur.gam (since it is a wicked huge big BG2 mod rather than a partial conversion). Pro5 and Ronin69hoff have some good posts on this at SHS dealing with SCS and making it BGT compatible, as does Ascension64 (IIRC).


I have to stop making things pretty with cross-platform coding and get back to rebuiling Phase2 scripts, but I think I am done for the week. I will put together a full install and start a real game to see how we are doing on the immersive front. If nothing blows up, look for a new update on the internal site late tonight.

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Yup, implimented:


  WRITE_ASCII cre_offset + 0x18 ~FW3351~ #8
  WRITE_SHORT cre_offset + 0x20 500
  WRITE_SHORT cre_offset + 0x22 630


Just to check, did we update the docs with this, or do we still claim he is in the Manor?

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