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I may not have any issues but I thought I'd give you a head's up that I'm going to give Tutu another run through. I've read all the documentation but I'm testing BG1 UB for Tutu so there may be some problems. I hope not but you never can tell.



Arrrgh, too tired. Admin to edit title, please.

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After one false start (forgot to patch the damn game), I've installed what mods I want and everything's going well. Eldoth was where he was supposed to be (unfortunately so were the gibberlings ??? ) and no one's talking the wrong lines.


I wasn't sure it would work because I'd already installed and modded BG2 but it's working perfectly so far. Got into and out of Beregost with no problems, picked up Kivan, dropped Xzar and Monty, kicked Eldoth out ages ago and am just about set with my party for the trip. Note: Must SK Khalid back to Sword/Shield, I don't like him as a dual wielder.

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Hell, I don't know which version I've got. I downloaded it from here, though. Good because I'll probably lose Coran again or good because I'm testing UB for Tutu? I decided that I prefer Kivan's story arc in BG1, anyway, so I never took Coran after all those problems.


WeiDU log, you want it rar'ed? It's probably not all that big - why do you want it? I haven't done anything silly this time ... yet.


Note: I buried Gorion this time, so it will be interesting to see if *that* particular bug surfaces.

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Ahhh - yep, I would love your WeiDU log for my own investigation, and also just in case you *do* run into a problem.


The latest version is up on that personal site I sent you last time. I can always resend it, if you want :p . If you are using Beta3 on Tutu, don't worry - you should be pretty darned good to go (though Jaheira's quest has some troubles fixed in the latest. If you decide to start that one, PM me just beforehand and we can apply a quick fix!).


Good because having experienced players who give feedback is gold, and great because having experienced players give feedback on a UB/BG1 NPC combo is worth platimum orbs and a small barony just outside the Pomarj, below Greyhawk (oops, wrong world!!!)

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WeiDU log sent. Still no problems. Even managed to kill Silke (whose pic I use for my PC) with no reloads.


I'm staying away from SK, except to fix cosmetic problems, so no powergaming this time round.


I'll stay with the version I've got for now, see what happens ... oh, and I'll take the small barony, thanks. :p


Note: Any oddities in the WeiDU log may be caused by my Tutu-ing a modded BG2 game but I looked at the log and it seems innocuous enough.

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