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Install Order Help with Refinements


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Should Sword and First go before or after refinements? I want to be able to use refinements for vanilla kits and your HLA's for the ones you created for this mod (for kits with HLAs).


My guess would be after refinements since the HLA's would be used for which mod was installed most recently and not all these kits have HLA's correct? If I installed these kits before refinements then I would get biowares HLA's for any kit that does not have its own HLA table? For Monk remix I believe I read it does not have an HLA table. If I install after refinements I get your class changes plyus their HLA's? Or does install order matter at all or are both mods 100% incompatable?



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Ill just report what I have found out from my own testing with Sword and First installed after refinements. In fact its the last thing installed before worldmap. I didn't install the duelist as I already had the blademaster and they seem very similar.


The monk gets all the new class abilities along with the HLA's of refinements


The HEXBLADE gets all his new abilitiess and gets the HLA's that the custom kit gives to it and not refinements


The FIST OF ORDER gets the HLA's from Refinements


The Blackguard gets what the description says the standard fighter table with the summon fallen Deva HLA and none of refinements.


My guess is the duelist would get refinements standard fighter HLA's


So in my opinion this mod works well with refinements and I can't say for sure if installed before refinements would have made a difference or not.

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