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Where is Ulgoth's Beard?


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On the BG1 (or Tutu or even BGT) map, Ulgoth's Beard is clearly east, perhaps a bit north of Baldur's Gate. But according to Volo's Guide to the Sword Coast (2nd ed. FR supplement):

Ulgoth's Beard

This hamlet of about 70 folk is located on the north side of the mouth of the River Chionthar, west of Baldur's Gate.


And apparently there are others who put it west of the city too.


So were the gamemakers just horribly confused or what? Was it poor planning, ignorance or "let's just cram it in wherever it fits"? (Though I've often wondered what that little arrow above it on the BG1 map is supposed to mean - rather a poor means of indicating it's in the opposite direction entirely, and seems to point north in any case.) Does it really make any sense to be able to get to it by going northeast of the bridge to Baldur's Gate?


(For that matter, it seems Durlag's Tower should be east of Gullykin, not south of it. Might be other inaccuracies.)

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I think just about every RPG I've ever seen has distorted pre-published maps to fit in with game design/art. BG2 does it in spades, and even the Fallout series contradicted itself between 1 and 2 concerning the terrain around Vault 15 (I think that's the right one).


I think they go with whatever's convenient.

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