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Installing Throne of Bhaal later, problem?

Guest Epor

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What if I instal the fixpack and play without Throne of Bhaal now, and then some time later instal Throne of Bhaal, will there be any problems with continuing the game from the save?


Will I need to instal the fixpack again after installing Throne of Bhaal? Will all the fixes work then?

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When adding ToB to a modded game, it's always best to uninstall any mods first. So uninstall every mod (including Fixpack), install ToB, install the official ToB patch, and then reinstall your mods.


Having to reinstall mods and then continue with a saved game is always a bit of a dicey issue. The most common errors are mix ups with kits (if you have kit mods installed) or soundsets from mod NPCs. You can mitigate these risks somewhat by installing the mods in the exact same order, and most mod NPCs nowadays include so-called string-fixers to fix just this issue.

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