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Pending fixes and coming attractions


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New romance conflicts for Coran and Ajantis, new comment for Xan.


Friendship path bugfixes (chapter talks for 6 and 7 no longer loop).


Typos fixed (keep the reports coming, though, if you spot more).


Interjection fixes continue, but will be finished before 1.1 goes out.

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All item and event based interjections now require Gavin to have witnessed the setup for it. He will no longer comment on bounty notices unless he actually met the bounty hunter, etc.


A nasty concurrency loop in lovetalk 3 has been fixed.


Two new easter-egg banters.


All quest and romance spawns recoded to decrease the likelihood that the party will miss the spawned creature.

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Gavin will no longer automatically end the relationship if the PC is romancing too many men for his comfort. Now the PC will have the opportunity to convince him that it would be worthwhile for him to wait a little longer.


Xan's romance conflicts are done.

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Lots of suggestions coming on board, but they're covered in the relevent threads.


Thought I'd post a preview of one of the "racial special" lovetalks, new for version 1.3. This one follows just one of many paths through the lovetalk. The path followed in this example illustrates the stuff that makes it unique to half-orcs, but there are plenty of ways to navigate this talk that don't touch on PC race at all.


This one will hit a bit before LT 12. By now, if the PC doesn't know he's interested, she's blind and deaf, but he hasn't started hitting on her in any non-cerebral way. That changes not long afterward, though.


Gavin: ~<CHARNAME>,...~

PC: ~Yes?~

Gavin: ~I was just admiring the sunlight on your hair. The way the light catches, it looks like it's shot with golden threads. But I should not be so forward.~

PC: ~No, Gavin, you haven't said anything offensive.~

Gavin: ~That's a relief! I wouldn't want to offend you. Your good opinion is important to me.~

PC: ~It isn't that...~

Gavin: ~Is it... because of your heritage?~

PC: ~See! Even you can only see me as a half-orc, never as just a woman! How can I believe your sincerity?~

Gavin: ~I... don't know what to say. I know you do have orcish blood, so I will not pretend that you do not. But that has not made you unlovely to me. Quite the reverse. The physical strength you inherited as part of that legacy attracts me, and it is pointless to deny it. Likewise, it would be folly to claim that I do not find your features exotic.~

= ~In you, I see the truth of Lathander's teachings. The blending of races *is* desirable, for the offspring of the union can combine the best of both.~

= ~But then I hate myself, because to admit that I am drawn to the beauty of your form is to deny that I am inspired by the beauty of your soul. Anyone can see the former, but I am still becoming acquainted with the latter.~

= ~So please forgive me, <CHARNAME>. I talk too much.~

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