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interactions with other npc's under construction

Lord of Darkness

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I have gone ahead and let BigRob know if he was desired to, that I was more than glad to write banters with Aklon for Delainy and Tashia (once Tashia is upgraded as well).


And I know that Del will interact with Keli and Inara (Grim's banter packs part deux)...once we get to that point.


As for other NPCs like Kelsey, Kiara, and Solaufein that were already done, those would have to be addressed by their creators.

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Yeah, what Bri said.


Once I get Aklon finished, I will definately get in touch with various mod makers and attempt to work in banters between him and other mod NPCs. They won't be in the initial release however and the ones that are produced will be incorporated into the Banter Pack: Part Duex, once it gets started.

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Thanks. Actually, I've been pretty lax when it comes to giving out info and examples. :) I've gotta get some of this stuff onto computer, so I can display a bit more. Transcription will begin with the first editing run and more example stuff should begin appearing....

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