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Trouble with Druid stronghold

Guest kuhl

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I have a problem with the first quest given in the druid stronghold..


I have to kill a troll shaman called Nilthiri (sp?), but for some reason it appears to be immortal.. I can get it to almost dead but it doesn't fall down.

I tried getting it to almost dead and go away to see if that would help, but i didn't..

I have tried to just keep hitting it without killing it..


Anyone who might have an idea, so I can get on with the druid stronghold quests?


If you need more info just say what and I'll try to get it up ASAP

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I'm not sure Nilthiri is included among the unkillable trolls from UB v15, because I suffered that for a while earlier, before installing v15 (I may have had v14, or v13, then). However, her "unkillability" suddenly vanished with a re-install, so I'm not sure what could have caused it. (And this was before my Tactics Tougher Druid Grove, Allison, and any other mod connected to the Grove.)

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