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Wow, I'm really loving Gavin!


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Berelinde, thanks so much for all your hard work in creating Gavin. I've started a game with him and am only part way thru, but I ADORE him!


A little spoilerish -









I really LOVE the way he will automatically heal the pc when she is injured. What a nice, caring touch. Also, his clumsiness is endearing, as is his shyness.

I can't wait to see what else is in store for our heroine and her Gavin. It looks as tho poor Xan will have his heart broken...


Okay, just a note of encouragement, but I can't wait for the SOA portion, especially, and of course, the TOB conclusion. I'll definately be here for him to snap him up!

I wasn't sure that I would really get into a good cleric, but I am once more taking the goody-goody path and this time and actually enjoying it.


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The beta 1 patch/hotfix isn't install order dependent. You can go ahead and install it at any time after installing Gavin, even with a game in progress.


BG1 NPC Project gets a bit flaky with reinstalling mods, and the dialogue can get scrambled. Doing it this way avoids the need to reinstall anything, so you should be able to go ahead and install it just like any other mod: download the zip, extract in your game directory, and run setup-GavinV1BetaPatch.exe.

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Ah poor Gavin!


I just love the drunken flirts!


Everytime the flirt options changed (is it 4?!) I would look for an inn just so I could get the poor guy drunk!


I especially love the "let's knock boots" :p


Also, when Gavin called the PC's bluff after doing his laundry.


Here she thinks she'll hide his clothes and towel and give poor, blushing, clumsy, Gavin a hard ...er difficult time, and he walks out as bold as you please, and calmly asks for his towel (while my poor PC is left with her mouth open, frozen in shock!) :p


I'm not done with the mod yet..so I'm sure I'll find even more to love!


Also happy to hear that Gavin's planned for SOA! Hooray!

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Huh? You can get him drunk? Oh, boy! Or that only after commitment?

I have begun a new game because I hated that my PC was an elf and the sad sort-of) talks occurred. I am now a human and now don't have to feel guilty about Xan. : )

I hope there is some conflict with Ajantis. Not necessarily mean, mind you, but present. Even if not, Gavin is sure adorable!

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Oh, you've found one of the Easter eggs. He's got a few little chats when he and the pc have had a few. I'll leave the rest for you to find out.


The romance conflicts are not on the same caliber as existing BG1 NPC romance conflicts. There is some material, but it's limited to a couple talks. The next version will have more.


Got a few projects to wrap up before moving on to SoA, but at least one of them will provide some entertainment for those who like good boys... :p

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Gavin's been drunk only twice and after apologizing about it he said something like "I hope that doesn't happen too often. It's really not good for us." He really doesn't make a fool of himself, so I am kind of worried that if I try it again he'll say something hurtful! Maybe I should just let the poor guy stay shy and sober...?

By the way, I finally got his quests. Nicely done! I felt sorry for the person in his last one, tho. I liked the explanation behind the events and that made the quest quite satisfying. Again, well done!

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Yay! The quest worked! I was sweating bullets after that one failed to start properly.
























Don't worry about hurting his feelings. He makes snappish remarks after the comitted-but-before-sex drunk talk, but he'll loosen up a bit if he starts getting some. But if you want to keep him shy, that's your choice!

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Thanks! I was worried about him being mean to my pc. I had no idea you were worried anymore about the quests firing. They came along just fine.

Oh, and I didn't mean to seem as if modding should come before school. Definately not! I guess you just spoiled us by actually finishing a mod for part of the BG series, and in such a timely manner and with such a great character and romance. I just have to say that I cannot help but hope that SOA is not too far away, as in years like PPG does. But even if so, I'll definately be here for him. Regardless, good luck with school!

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Huh..I don't remember Gavin getting snapish with me (although maybe he did the first time :p ).


Each time the flirt options changed (as the relationship progressed) I had fun getting him drunk (and he didn't seem to mind).















The first time (maybe the second) he told the PC really bad jokes (the kind you would only tell when drunk).

The next time, he told the PC how beautiful she was .

And the final time, was the infamous "boot knocking" episode.


Oh, and I also enjoyed Jaheira's little "chat" with Gavin after the PC and Gavin sleep together.


On a side note, I feel a little bad for Ajantis. (I think he has some sort of short term memory loss-or maybe he was just dropped on his head as a child). He's asked me about half a dozen times if there is someone else, and each time I say, "yes I am in love with someone else."



I for one can't wait for Gavin to be available for SOA (along with some other mods...I'm looking at you BigRob!)

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Huh..I don't remember Gavin getting snapish with me (although maybe he did the first time :D ).


Spoilers throughout (big surprise):

It's one of the possibilities for a drunk talk you missed. There's actually two between the one where he tells you how beautiful you are and your favorite :p . In one of them, if you say it's his fault for drinking too much, he'll remind the PC in no uncertain terms who bought the drinks.


On a side note, I feel a little bad for Ajantis. (I think he has some sort of short term memory loss-or maybe he was just dropped on his head as a child). He's asked me about half a dozen times if there is someone else, and each time I say, "yes I am in love with someone else."

That isn't a Gavin line, it's a BG1 NPC project line. But it's related to the earlier Ajantis bug, the one that was fixed with the patch so it wouldn't repeat, but the script block that would call it is still asking for Ajantis to say something (anything, really). The Ajantis lovetalk that fires instead of the planned reminder not to neglect woman or girl is the one right before Ajantis proposes, so it sounds like you pulled the plug on Ajantis just in time :p The technical explanation is that the script wants something it isn't getting, and it calls the talk closest to the top of the stack, so his last LT repeats. If you are still getting it, you can shut it off by typing




Thanks for the encouragement for SoA. Just have to clear some projects...

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Well I was gonna post how much I like Gavin and how cute the healing the pc when she's low on health thing is etc... but I see the words have already been taken straight out of my mouth :p I figure you can never get enough praise for something done well though, so PRAISE! :p


I'm really looking forward to more Gavin :D Having read through this post, it seems I can already get more Gavin just by restarting and getting him drunk hehe. Completely missed those flirts!


Anyway, just wanted to throw my "Gavin is awesome" comments out there :p

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