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101 Spells Not Worth Memorizing


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Is it ironic that a list that claims to have 101 entries has items numbered 364 and 370?


Never really got that far. I looked at it, saw that it was, in fact, very funny, but I've got the day off, so I'm going make use of doing project work, not entertaining myself reading lists. That can wait for work-days. :p

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More duplication:

65 Crass Suggestion

179 Improper Suggestion

355 Tenser's Shocking Suggestion (you want to WHAT??!)

The reason there're 397 spells instead of 101 is some guy added 296 entries to the list at some point. But they kept the same title, maybe in the spirit of the "aptly-misnamed" Hitchhiker's Guide Trilogy (which ended up being 5 or 6 books).
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1 Acid Trip

Like totally dude!


114 Enrage Dragon

That's a smart one.


129 Feign Orgasm



230 Melf's Acid Trip

Better than the first one dude!


231 Melf's Minute Rice

Dinner is served!


242 Mordenkainen's Aroused Hound (can't get it off of the nearest leg)


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