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Removing NPC items


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I think that would just create a null (invalid) item, yes. You could also use any of the undroppable items to replace it with.


If you already know which slot you want to remove, I'd suggest you just remove the slot (WRITE_SHORT so + 0x2a `0x0) and ignore everything else.

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Ok, I ran into a situation where the potion/gold coin replacing trick isn't going to make a lot of sense. The CRE I want to mod has a shield and I want nothing in that slot, because I'm giving him a polearm I want to equip two-handed.

WRITE_SHORT so + 0x2a `0x0
Is that the exact syntax I use (what's 'so'?) and where do I find the code for the slot of the item I want to destroy?
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If you use ADD_CRE_ITEM, then ADD_CRE_ITEM POLEARM #0 #0 #0 NONE WEAPON1 EQUIP TWOHANDED; the shield gets moved to the first empty inventory slot. Otherwise, Nythrun will come up with some snazzy gnarly patch.


If you want it quick, dirty, efficient, and easy:

READ_LONG 0x2b8 so // offset to inv slot table
WRITE_SHORT so + 0x4 `0x0 // set shield slot to -1 (unfilled)

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