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Spoiler needed because I think I missed something...


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I finished a game with Gavin, and absolutely loved him. But now I want to play thru again and be much more thorough in the game. Then it hit me that somewhere I saw where we could read the first lines of all Gavin's lovetalks. I don't recall just where that was and his web page is working so slowly for me tonight that it is unreadable. (Could be my internet or just internet traffic.)

Anyway, I seem to recall that he has one like, "Good morning, Charname Mor..."

WHAT??? We were supposed to get married and I missed it somehow???

We just killed Sarevok and the game ended right then. No time to loot or talk or get married or anything. Is that right? What did I miss, and why?

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The first time you rest after leaving the catacombs, Gavin will ask to speak to you before you retire. He will say that he can wait no longer, he must marry the PC now, with the party as witnesses. If the PC says that she thinks they will live to be wed properly, he will relent, and you'll never get the "Good morning, <CHARNAME> Mor" lovetalk. You'll only get that one if you get married during the course of the lovetalk that starts "Beloved, I must speak with you."


The romance guide is packaged in the mod folder, GAVIN, in your Tutu directory. It's a pdf.


If you're still having trouble, we'll figure out where it went wrong from there.

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Hmmm. If you rested at the FAI, you should have gotten it then. But I am not going to worry too much about this at the moment, since that talk is going to move for the next version, anyway. That one will require the PC to rest at an inn in Baldur's Gate itself.


In any case, it's probably safe to treat this as an isolated occurence.


Thanks for reporting it, though!

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