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Concerning arrows

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Heya, I'm not sure, but I will add it to the bug list, though I doubt anything is happening for me on BG2 side till I am done with IWD2. I'm just too absorbed into IWD2.



Little off topic here but is IWD as good as BG Trilogy? Was thinking of picking it up.





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its pretty good. has a few challenges, some pretty cool quests and stuff. you might want the Expansion too. It adds a fair bit to the game, more spells and items that sort of thing

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I've got to the point where Kivan makes some arrows in the De'Arniss Keep and I just thought I'd point out that the arrows are unidentified and you can't moved them to identify them either. Just thought I'd tell you that. :)

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Are you per chance playing without ToB? The arrows Kivan 'makes' are stock Arrows +3, there should be no problems with them.


That's it. I don't have ToB installed on my PC. Good to know that it's not just my game going funny. :) :)

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