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Is there a way to make the Textscreen scroll faster?


I want to be able to read everything that comes up but it is so slow!


I mean slooooow!


This is part of a mod so there is no spoken dialog to go along with it which I guess is why it scrolls so slowly in the first place.


For those interested (as I can't recall seeing this around before):


In your tp2:

COPY ~touched/2da/bwtouchS.2da~ ~override\bwtouchS.2da~
	REPLACE 88888 ~Kicking Irenicus Ass~  // the textscreen title though it doesn't appear anywhere as far as i know
	REPLACE 77777 ~Textscreen dialog goes here. You have kicked Irenicus Ass etc etc~


Then you have a 2da where the bwtouchS mentioned at the top is the mos file of the image to be displayed in the Textscreen.


2DA V1.0
					0		   1
DEFAULT				 88888	   77777


And you call the Textscreen using Textscreen("bwtouchS") where bwtouchS is the 2da filename. My mos and 2da are called the same but do not need to be.


See mos file CH01AJON.mos for an example of what your mos file should look like.

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